A printed version of the presentation is called a ____, or printout.

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hard copy
When you drag the scroll bar, the ___shows the number and title of the slide you are about to display.slide indicator
A __ends all slide shows unless the option setting is deselected.black slide
PowerPoint automatically appends the extension ___to the file name.ppt
A __is a characteristic of the text, such as font, font size, font style, or text color.text attribute
PowerPoint ___text that exceeds the width of the placeholder.word wraps
A __provides consistency in design and color throughout the entire presentation.design template
The 3 kinds of toobars are:standard, formatting, drawing
The __is a special toolbar that includes the PowerPoint menu names.menu bar
When you add a second slide to a presentation, a ____appears on the right side of the slide pane.vertical scroll bar
___are surrounded by a dotted outline.text areas
You type titles, body text, and bulleted lists in ___.text placeholders
___are boxes that are displayed when you create a new slide.placeholders
___fills the entire screen and allows you to see the slide show just as your audience will view it.slide show view
____is helpful when you want to see all the slides in the presentation simultaneously.slide sorter view
__is composed of three working areas that allow you to work on various aspects of a presentation simultaneously.normal view
PowerPoint has 3 main views:normal view, slide sorter view, slide show view
When you start Powerpoint, the default slide layout is ___Landscape orientation
Powerpoint assumes the first slide in a presentation is the ___title slide.
A slide contains one or many ___, such as a title, text, graphics, tables, charts, and drawings.objects
THe basic unit of a Powerpoint presentation is a ___.slide
A ___contains buttons, boxes, and menus that allow you to perform frequent tasks quickly.toolbar
A ___is a separate window that enables users to carry out some Powerpoint tasks more effficiently.task pane
A ___is a list of paragraphs, each preceded by a bullet.bulleted list
A Powerpoint presentation is also called a __.

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slide show
___is a complete presentation graphics program that allows you to produce professional looking presentations.Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2003