In A Raisin in the Sun, George suggest that Beneatha should be a certain form of girl and tells her to fall the "atmosphere". Sophisticated what he means by this.
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In Lorraine Hansberry"s A Raisin in the Sun, Beneatha dates the wealthy, well-educated male George Murchison ; he is collection up as a foil because that Joseph Asagai, who likewise attracts she attention. In his pursuit of success, George has chosen to assimilate to white American culture, whereas Joseph...

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In Lorraine Hansberry"s A Raisin in the Sun, Beneatha dates the wealthy, well-educated guy George Murchison; the is collection up as a foil because that Joseph Asagai, who additionally attracts her attention. In his quest of success, George has actually chosen come assimilate to white American culture, whereas Joseph is proud of his afri heritage and teaches Beneatha about their shared culture and history. Joseph appreciates Beneatha"s intellect and also desire come learn, however George is not interested in Beneatha"s mind, which that reveals as soon as they come house from a day at the begin of action 2, scene 2.

He tries to kiss her, and when Beneatha traction away, they have actually the adhering to exchange:

George: Look, we"ve had a pretty evening; let"s not spoil it, huh? . . .

He again turns her head and also tries to nuzzle in and also she transforms away from him, not v distaste yet with momentary absence of interest; in a mood to pursue what they were talk about.

Beneatha: I"m trying to talk to you.

George: We always talk.

Beneatha: Yes—and i love come talk.

George: Exasperated; rising I know it and also I don"t psychic it sometimes . . . I desire you to cut it out, see—The moody stuff, ns mean. Ns don"t like it. You"re a nice-looking girl . . . Every over. That"s every you need, honey, forget the atmosphere. Males aren"t walk to walk for the atmosphere—they"re walking to go for what they see. It is in glad for that. Fall the Garbo routine. It doesn"t go v you. Together for myself, I want a nice—Groping—simple Thoughtfully— innovative girl . . . No a poet—O.K.?

George shows a physical attention in Beneatha and also her beauty, yet he has tiny respect for that she is inside.

In scene 1 of plot 2, Beneatha had actually remarked to her household that George to be "shallow," and also he only confirms her referee here. The "atmosphere" he refers to is composed essentially of her personality and intellect. She longs to have actually deep, serious discussions around the world, yet George dismisses this as "moody" and also unattractive. Beneatha find this puzzling, due to the fact that George is self an education man, but he reveals that the 2 of castle have different ideas about the role of education:

George: i don"t walk out v you to talk about the nature that "quiet desperation" or to hear all around your thoughts—because the world will go on thinking what it think regardless—

Beneatha: climate why review books? Why go to school?

George: With artificial patience, counting on his fingers It"s simple. You review books—to discover facts—to gain grades—to happen the course—to get a degree. That"s all —it has actually nothing to carry out with thoughts.

Upon realizing that George is—as she later tells Mama—"a fool," she ends their date.

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This moment in the pat underscores Beneatha"s intelligence, determination, and also authenticity. A guy like George wants Beneatha come look great on his arm, dealing with her as an accessory come his wealth and also image, but Beneatha worths herself and her mind more than that.