‘A sound mind in a sound body’ is the English translate in of a famed quotation by the pre-Socratic Greek thinker Thales (Miletus, 624 – 546 BC), demonstrating the close links in between physical exercise, psychological equilibrium and also the ability to reap life.

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I had actually the chance to get associated in the organisation of two interesting sport occasions by the british Embassy Athens in the past two months, each within different contexts however still with important similarities. Personal from building up our fitness levels, both occasions were successful in their very own respect, in terms of key messages, joining numbers and the amount of public they attracted.

Sport Relief Charity operation took place on Sunday 18 March in ~ Alsos Sygrou Park, a meet with historical significance because that Athens as its 97 hectare estate was bequeathed come the city an ext than 80 years earlier by Iphigenia Syngrou because that the objective of “training good farmers and also gardeners”, v the problem that no roads need to be built within the area.


More than 300 human being participated, every coming native a broad variety of ages, nationalities and also fitness levels. An extra feel-good element was the great sunshine, which do the run in the blossoming park even much more enjoyable – and also decorated several of us with the very first suntan clues of the year.

On the Sunday at 10 am sharp, runners and also walkers gathered at the starting line wait for the sound that the hooter, i m sorry was hosted by the brothers Ambassador Dr David Landsman. And at this suggest I should point out the important role of our partners, the hashers , xpatathens.com, English schools, expat sports associations and also of course skai.gr for supporting our comms efforts and spreading the word to expat communities and our neighborhood audience.

At the finish of the operation we were all happy to count donations amounting to nearly 2000 euros, which essentially made sports Relief Athens 2012 a good success. The event’s beneficiary organisation was NGO ‘ The laugh of the Child’, a registered non-profit, non-governmental organisation because 1996, targeting the serious difficulties of youngsters in-need life in Greece.

‘Running because that charity’ is not as generally used because that fundraising in Greece, as it is the instance in the UK. There is no Greek equivalent organisation to sport Relief and also one could say that the brother Embassy led the method for much more such events in the future. And we were definitely not alone top top this one as sport Relief went global for the very first time v British diplomatic staff in practically 70 countries joining in the UK-based sport Relief project by running a mile to raise money for deserving charities.


Shortly after that, and also in the run as much as the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we could see an interesting Olympic milestone obtaining closer and closer. ‘Another opportunity for a an excellent run’ one can think but this time organised in ~ the birthplace the the modern-day Olympic Games.

In stimulate to note the day, 10 brave members of brother Embassy employee were placed to the challenge of to run (at least) 100 metres at Kalimarmaron Stadium, wearing your 100 days to walk branded t-shirts.That was all in a cold merganser Wednesday morning, with the weather including a british flavour come our activity. The brothers Embassy in Athens joined one more 99 british missions roughly the human being to note to 100 days come go before the UK start the celebrations.


Indeed, the choice of venue could not have been much more appropriate than the Kalimarmaron stadium. The is one impressive historical site at the center of Athens, reconstructed in 1896 because that the organization of the first modern Olympic Games and will likewise be the ar for the official ceremony to hand end the Olympic flame to London 2012 ~ above 17 May.

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The next day the Olympic fire will travel to the UK, flying from Athens ~ above a special liveried airplane and will certainly then begin its journey on the Torch Relay throughout the UK. Everyone in Athens on that day is welcome to attend the handover ceremony at the Kallimarmaron and also celebrate v us the beginning of the British foot of the Olympic torch relay. An ext on London 2012 soon, so store watching this space.