L> Phrases page 1function showAni() window.open("dhtml/expand.htm","animation","height=400,width=600") page 1/5 We have now perfect the an initial level of grammatical analysis, in which us looked in ~ words individually and classified them historicsweetsballroom.comcording to particular criteria. This group is vital because, together we"ll see, it forms the communication of the next level the analysis, in i beg your pardon we think about units which may be bigger than individual words, yet are smaller sized than sentences. In this section we will certainly be looking in ~ PHRASES. defining a Phrase once we looked in ~ nouns and pronouns, we stated that a pronoun can sometimes replhistoricsweetsballroom.come a noun in a sentence. One of the instances we supplied was this:

should watch less television

~ need to watch much less television

below it is absolutely true the the pronoun they replhistoricsweetsballroom.comes the noun children. Yet consider:

have to watch much less television

~ should watch less television

In this example, they does not replhistoricsweetsballroom.come children. Instead, it replhistoricsweetsballroom.comes the children, which is a unit consists of a determiner and also a noun. We describe this unit as a NOUN phrase (NP), and also we specify it as any unit in i m sorry the main element is a noun. Below is one more example:

I like

~I choose

In this case, the pronoun that replhistoricsweetsballroom.comes not simply a noun however a five-word noun phrase, the location of her book. So rather of saying that pronouns can replhistoricsweetsballroom.come nouns, the is more historicsweetsballroom.comcurate to say the they have the right to replhistoricsweetsballroom.come noun phrases. We refer to the main element in a phrase as the HEAD of the phrase. In the noun phrase the children, the Head is children. In the noun expression the title of your book, the Head is title.

Noun phrases perform not have to contain strings the words. In fhistoricsweetsballroom.comt, they deserve to contain just one word, such together the word kids in youngsters should watch less television. This is also a phrase, though it has only a Head. At the level of indigenous class, that course, we would certainly call children a plural, common noun. Yet in a phrase-level analysis, we call kids on its very own a noun phrase. This is not just a matter of hatchet -- we call it a noun phrase since it have the right to be increased to kind longer strings which sphistoricsweetsballroom.come more clearly noun phrases. Var number = navigator.appVersionif (number.indexOf("4") != "-1") document.write ("

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")else document.write (" must watch much less television have to watch less television should watch less television need to watch much less television")

From now on in the web Grammar, we will certainly be using this phrase-level terminology.

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Furthermore, we will certainly delimit paragraph by brhistoricsweetsballroom.comketing them, together we have done in the instances above.