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Eueora Welty"s "A Worn route " is told native the third-person objective point of view. Welty employs this suggest of view which walk not reveal as much of the character as do very first and omniscient points of watch so that the reader may perceive Phoenix less as a human being and...

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Eueora Welty"s "A Worn Path" is told native the third-person objective point of view. Welty employs this point of watch which does not reveal as much of the character as do an initial and omniscient point out of view so that the reader may consciousness Phoenix less as a human and an ext as a symbolic, also mythical, character.

That she is a symbolic and myth-like character is evidenced, very first of all, through her name which argues the mythological bird that proceeds to live by climbing from that is ashes. Together the old woman traverses fields and also streams, she falls again and again, but gets up every time so that she can proceed her "worn path" and procure the medication for her grandson. 

Lest the objective suggest of watch be also plain and not convey the symbolic interpretations of this story, Welty employs language wealthy with an allegory and symbolism. For example,

But she sat under to rest. She spread her skirts on the bank roughly her and also folded she hands over her knees. Up over her to be a tree in a pearly cloud that mistletoe. She did not dare come close her eyes, and when a small boy brought her a plate through a part of marble-cake on it she speak to him. "That would certainly be acceptable," she said. But when she saw take it over there was simply her own hand in the air.

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The old woman"s talk to herself additionally aids in characterization without revealing she inner truth as walk first-person and also omniscient narrator:

"You scarecrow," she said. Her face lighted. "I ought to be shut up for good," she claimed with laughter. "My senses is gone. I also old. Ns the oldes civilization I ever know. Dance, old scarecrow," she said, "while i dancing through you."

This objective point of view additionally serves to indicate the old woman"s basic acceptance of her problem in life. She is "too old," however she will proceed going the "worn path" as lengthy as her grandson lives, for she is just the only one the he has actually to treatment for him.