Medically the evaluation by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — written by Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA — to update on September 19, 2019

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Why does mine skin look at red?

From a sunburn to an allergy reaction, over there are many things that can reason your skin to end up being red or irritated. It may be since extra blood rushes come the skin’s surface to fight turn off irritants and encourage healing. Your skin can also become red indigenous exertion, such as after a heart-pounding practice session.

It’s not constantly a reason for concern, yet skin redness have the right to be irritating and uncomfortable. It might also be accompanied by various other symptoms. Figuring the end its underlying cause can help you treat your skin and keep that from happening again.

Many different conditions can skin redness. Right here are 21 feasible causes.

Warning: Graphic photos ahead.

Diaper rash

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Rash located on locations that have call with a diaperSkin looks red, wet, and irritatedWarm to the touchRead full post on diaper rash.

First-degree burn

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The mildest form of burn injury, that affects only the an initial layer the the skin.Painful, dry, red area turns white v pressure.Skin may peel, but ther is no blistering.Pain and also redness will certainly subside after ~ a couple of days.Read full short article on first-degree burns.

Allergic eczema

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May resemble a burnOften discovered on hands and forearmsSkin is itchy, red, scaly, or rawBlisters that weep, ooze, or come to be crustyRead full post on allergic eczema.


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Chronic skin disease that goes v cycles the fading and relapseRelapses might be triggered by spicy foods, alcoholic beverages, sunlight, stress, and the minister bacteria Helicobacter pyloriThere are 4 subtypes of rosacea encompassing a wide variety of symptomsCommon symptoms encompass facial flushing, raised, red bumps, facial redness, skin dryness, and also skin sensitivityRead full post on rosacea.


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This condition is thought about a medical emergency. Urgent care may it is in required.

Burn severity is divide by both depth and sizeFirst-degree burns: boy swelling and also dry, red, tender skin that turns white once pressure is appliedSecond-degree burns: really painful, clear, weeping blisters and skin that shows up red or has variable, patchy colorationThird-degree burns: white or dark brown/tan in color, through leathery appearance and also low or no sensitivity come touch

Read full post on burns.

Contact dermatitis

Appears hours to days after call with one allergenRash has visible borders and also appears where your skin touched the irritating substanceSkin is itchy, red, scaly, or rawBlisters the weep, ooze, or end up being crustyRead full article on call dermatitis.

Chemical burn

This problem is considered a clinical emergency. Urgent care may be required.

This occurs as soon as your skin, mucous membranes, or eyes come into call with a chemistry irritant, such as a solid acid or a base.The concentration the the chemical, expression of contact, and technique of contact will recognize severity the symptoms and also urgency that treatment.First aid treatments for chemical burns incorporate removing the chemical that resulted in the burn (including removing any type of clothing or jewelry that has touched the chemical) and rinsing the skin under lukewarm, slow, running water because that 10 come 20 minutes (and at the very least 20 minutes for chemical eye injuries).

Read full short article on chemistry burns.

Drug allergy

This problem is thought about a clinical emergency. Urgent care may it is in required.

Mild, itchy, red decision may take place days come weeks after acquisition a drugSevere medicine allergies have the right to be life-threatening and symptoms incorporate hives, gyeongju heart, swelling, itching, and challenge breathingOther symptoms encompass fever, stomach upset, and also tiny violet or red dots ~ above the skin

Read full write-up on drug allergies.


This problem is thought about a medical emergency. Urgent care may it is in required.

Caused by bacteria or fungi entering through a cracked or cut in the skinRed, painful, swollen skin through or without oozing that spreads quicklyHot and tender come the touchFever, chills, and also red streaking native the rash might be a authorize of significant infection requiring medical attention

Read full article on cellulitis.

Scarlet fever

Occurs in ~ the same time together or appropriate after a strep neck infectionRed skin rash everywhere the human body (but no the hands and also feet)Rash is made up of tiny bumps that make it feel choose “sandpaper”Bright red tongueRead full short article on scarlet fever.


This is a type of significant swelling in ~ the skin’s surface.It may be accompanied by hives and also itching.It’s brought about by an allergic reaction to an allergen prefer food or medication.Additional symptom may include stomach cramping and also discolored job or rashes on the hands, arms, and feet.Read full short article on angioedema.


This inflammation of a superficial vein is resulted in by a blood clot.It generally occurs in the legs.Symptoms include tenderness, warmth, redness, and visible engorgement along the vein.Read full short article on thrombophlebitis.

Bone infection

A bone infection, also called osteomyelitis, occurs once bacteria or fungi attack a bone.Bones may get infected by migrate of a bacteria or fungus infecting surrounding tissues or the blood stream, or by penetrating injury or surgery that exposes the bone.Symptoms encompass pain, redness, swelling, stiffness, and warmth in the infected body part.Fever and chills may also occur.Read full post on bone infection.


This bone cancer typically develops in the shinbone (tibia) close to the knee, the thighbone (femur) near the knee, or the top arm bone (humerus) close to the shoulder.It’s the many common type of bone cancer in children.Common signs incorporate bone pains (in motion, in ~ rest, or once lifting objects), bone fractures, swelling, redness, and limping.Read full post on osteosarcoma.


Superficial burn ~ above the outermost great of skinRedness, pain, and swellingDry, peeling skinMore severe, blistering burns may occur after extended periods of sunlight exposureRead full article on sunburns.

Skin infection

A skin infection is caused by a wide variety of contagious agents consisting of bacteria, fungi, viruses. And parasites.Common symptoms incorporate redness the the skin, tenderness, itching, and a rash.See a doctor if you have actually fever, chills, pus-filled blisters, skin breakdown, significant pain, or a skin epidemic that doesn’t improve or gets increasingly worse.Read full write-up on skin infections.

Bites and also stings

This condition is thought about a medical emergency. Urgent care may it is in required.

Redness or swelling at the site of the bite or stingItching and also soreness in ~ the site of the bitePain in the impacted area or in the musclesHeat approximately the bite or sting

Read full short article on bites and also stings.

Heat rash

This irritating skin decision occurs because of a combination of heat, sweat, and also friction.It’s led to by blockage the the sweat glands.Heat rash establishes on body components that obstacle together, such as between the inside thighs or under the arms.Small clean or white bump filled through fluid show up on the surface ar of the skin.Itchy, hot or prickly red bumps on the skin are an additional symptom.Read full short article on heat rash.


Commonly situated on the scalp, elbows, knees, and also lower backMay be itchy or asymptomaticRead full write-up on psoriasis.


Circular-shaped scaly rashes with increased borderSkin in the center of the ring shows up clear and healthy, and the edge of the ring may spread outwardItchyRead full article on ringworm.


Very painful decision that may burn, tingle, or itch, even if there space no blisters presentRash comprising clusters that fluid-filled blisters that break easily and weep fluidRash increase in a direct stripe pattern that shows up most generally on the torso, yet may take place on other parts the the body, consisting of the faceRash might be accompanied by short fever, chills, headache, or fatigueRead full write-up on shingles.

The key symptom linked with skin redness is varying colors the redness ~ above the skin. The redness can occur on various portions the the body. Right here are some examples of symptoms that you might have along with red skin:

warmth in your skinsores

Causes that skin redness vary drastically and can include irritants, the sun, and insect bites. Examples of skin conditions associated with skin redness include:

lymph node inflammation

Skin redness have the right to be a temporary, or acute, condition. It can likewise be a chronic condition that constantly reappears.

You should gain immediate clinical attention if friend experience any of the following symptoms connected with skin redness:

a burn that’s double the size of your palmdifficulty breathingextreme painloss the consciousness

You should likewise get clinical attention if you have actually an animal bite, even if you’ve had a tetanus shot.

See a health care provider or dermatologist for other symptoms the aren’t considered a clinical emergency. If girlfriend don’t already have a dermatologist, you deserve to browse physicians in her area v the FindCare tool.

Your health care provider will research your skin redness. If your symptoms come and also go, they’ll listen to your description of them. They’ll ask you a few questions. These can include:

What tasks were friend engaging in before you i found it the skin redness?Are you acquisition any new medications or making use of any brand-new skin treatment or clean products?Have you knowledgeable this skin redness before?Were you roughly others who may have a similar rash?

These and also other concerns can assist your healthcare provider figure out what may have actually caused her skin redness.

Additional trial and error may encompass taking a skin sample or biopsy of the influenced area, or allergy testing to identify if her skin reaction to certain irritants.

Ask your medical care provider if her skin condition may it is in contagious and also what steps you can take to avoid its spread. This deserve to ensure the you don’t happen on the skin redness to who else.

Treatments because that skin redness rely on what’s bring about it. Instances can include preventing the irritant or allergen that caused your skin redness in the very first place.

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Other treatments for skin redness include:

cleansing the influenced area with soap and also water

Keeping the impacted area clean and dry deserve to usually help reduce skin redness. If an epidemic is the reason of your skin redness, your healthcare provider may prescribe antibiotics to mitigate the infection’s symptoms.

Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — composed by Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA — update on September 19, 2019