Even despite Alison Krauss hasn’t been releasing any songs as a solo artist lately, she quiet performs ~ above festivals. She freshly made one appearance at Willie Nelson‘s Outlaw Festival, wherein she performed v the grateful Dead bassist and also two that his tape members. Krauss is additionally expected to execute with Nelson this September at Ballpark at Jackson, therefore grab your tickets as quickly as girlfriend can.

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Happy date of birth Alison Krauss. Photograph via grammy.com

Alison Krauss’ Highest-charting song “When You speak Nothing in ~ All”

Since Krauss simply turned 47 yesterday, we can’t help it however focus the spotlight on her country music career; and also what song carried her to that spotlight was she cover of Keith Whitley‘s “When You say Nothing in ~ All.” In 1995, Krauss, together with her tape The Union Station, tape-recorded the track as component of BNA record’s tribute album come Whitley known as Keith Whitley: A Tribute Album. The album consisted of thirteen songs of Whitley, covered by various artists, but it to be Krauss’ variation of “When You to speak Nothing at All” the was recognized the most.

When it was released together a single, the song reached number 3 on the nation chart, thus making this Krauss’ highest-charting single. Next from having her song on the optimal 10 that the Billboard, she won CMA’s solitary of the Year too. That year was certainly an absolute treat for her. She was not only recognized but she was also given a lot much more opportunities in she career.

There was additionally a version of one electronically-made duet the Krauss and also Whitley singing “When You say Nothing in ~ All,” however it was never released together an main record to the public.

Here is Krauss’ version of the song:

The making of the Song and its Popularity

“When You say Nothing at All” was popularized by Whitley in 1988. It to be penned out by two songwriters (Paul Overstreet and also Don Schiltz) in an unproductive day. The track not only came to be popular in the country chart but likewise in various other charts. Ronan Keating lugged the song to different charts anywhere the world, consisting of the UK, Ireland, and brand-new Zealand (all satellite at number one).

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We expect you’ll prefer this successful nation song, and let’s not forget come greet the Grammy-award win artist, Alison Krauss, a happy birthday.