Aluminum iodide, whose chemical formula is AlI3, is created by the reaction the aluminum and iodine, i m sorry is the combining of aluminum hydroxide v hydroiodic acid. It is an not natural Lewis acid, a special form of chemical capable of agree an electron pair, from the binary compound group. Just like other ranges of aluminum compounds, aluminum iodide deserve to absorb water native the air. In plenty of cases, the is described as aluminum salt or hydroiodic acid. Aluminum iodide is white with a yellowish hue. Together with dissolving in water, aluminum iodide can be took in by alcohol, ether, carbon sulfide, and also pyridine, a colorless fluid from coal tar.

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Characteristics that Aluminum Iodide

It reacts with sulfuric acid.When exposed to humidity in the air, it slightly decomposes into a subsalt.Heated aluminum iodide solution creates an aluminum hydroxide precipitate.In water, hydrolysis that a cation takes place creating an acid medium.With diluted alkalis, it creates an aluminum hydroxide.It deserve to be decomposed through the formation of a tetrahydroxalluminate.

Sometimes, in necessary chemistry, there is a must speed up a reaction with a catalyst. Aluminum iodide division the bonds in between carbon and also oxygen or nitrogen and oxygen. Aluminum ions and iodide ions change what is removed. That can likewise remove oxygen atom from epoxides, a cyclic ether.


Some of the supplies for aluminum iodide show off veterinary medicine and pigs. Once pigs have pneumonia, one aerosol version of aluminum iodide is injected on them. It is likewise used in horse and cattle barns to kill germs and also disinfect enclosures. Spraying that in areas with calves and also pigs, that can protect them from any susceptibility to respiratory tract diseases.

Aluminum iodide is high in antibacterial agents however has tiny effect ~ above the mucus membranes. Brand-new uses room being studied to increase pathogenic and also therapeutic effects.


Contact with aluminum iodide reasons burns to the skin and also eyes and damage to the mucosae that the digestive system. People allergic to aluminum compounds will have a severely adverse reaction to it.

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As with several of the aluminum compounds, aluminum iodide need to be handled very carefully in a well-sealed fume cupboard. To dispose the a mixture of aluminum iodide, it have to be poured into sodium hydroxide and left to collection until the dissolves.