I’ve captured up on a couple of more recent TV shows, so here’s my thoughts on one of them, the brand-new “Alvin and the Chipmunks” TV series. Airing on Nickelodeon (in the majority of of the world), it’s CGI animated, and also debuted previously this year.

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Like others my age, I thrived up watching the 1980s Chipmunks animated series, and reruns of the 60s series “The Alvin Sexactly how.” I still like the Chipmunks, though their live-activity CGI movies left a little bit to be wanted.

The new TV show (stylized in the title as “ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks,” per Dave’s famed yell) is basically an update of the 80s TV series. The show still focuses on the hijinks of Alvin, Simon, and also Theodore, and their exasperated adoptive father/manager, David “Dave” Seville. Also current are the Chipettes—Brittany type of, Jeanette, and Eleanor.

Similarities to the 80s TV series include:

Each episode being two 11-minute-or-so cartoons.A song number at one point in each episode.Everyone’s individualities are kept from the 80s series and also subsequent specials/movies. Thus, Simon’s still very intelligent—he invents a working design electric automobile in one episode—and also snarky about Alvin’s antics. Theodore’s additionally still childish and also naive, while Alvin’s still, well, Alvin. Ditto the Chipettes—Jeanette is bookish, Brittany’s still egoistical, and also Eleanor is still assertive.The design template song’s additionally earlier, albeit truncated to fit today’s even more ad-hungry TV timeslot needs.The layout of the Sevilles’ residence is likewise the exact same, together with the look of Dave’s antique automobile. The Chipettes’ treeresidence is also equivalent to the 80s series.The voice job-related is acquainted sounding. Of course, that’s because the voice artists for this show are the same ones as in the 80s series: Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. as Dave, Alvin, and also Simon, while Janice Karguy voices Theodore, Brittany, and also Jeanette. The major adjust is Eleanor has her very own voice artist, Vanessa Chambers; in the 80s, Karguy voiced Eleanor too.

Of course, like any type of renewal, there’s noticeable differences:

A few plots seem reflective of the show’s French co-producers and also worldwide circulation, such as everyone being excited about a large, sold-out soccer game. There’s also a number of soccer recommendations in various other episodes.Miss Miller from the 80s series is presented as a brief cameo in one episode, yet doesn’t seem to be the Chipettes’ caretaker/foster mother. The Chipettes seem to live on their very own (comparable to the initial Chipettes episodes of the 80s series), yet have Dave as a guardian (choose in the current movies).The songs are original ones for each episode, not cover versions of renowned current or recent songs. While those were a high suggest of the 80s series, they’ve additionally showed problematic because, particularly with the rise of home video and also other platdevelops that require their very own music legal rights. From what I’ve watched, the few 80s episodes released to DVD so much substituted some of the songs through generic or Chipmunk original music. For instance, one episode replaced “Love Potion #9” with an all-Chipmunk rendition of “Witch Doctor.”The personalities have actually kept up via the times tech-wise—the kids all have actually smartphones, while Dave has actually contemporary recording devices.

As for my verdict on the display, it’s OK. The stories are entertaining, and Simon (my favorite of the 3 boys) is still his usual self. Unfortunately, the show’s awkward character deindications renders it difficult to provide it a complete thumbs up. I can obtain offered to it, yet imagine some adult viewers, especially those that thrived up on the 60s or 80s series, could not be as patient or charitable—“uncanny valley” is one term I’ve viewed bandied about.

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From what I’ve review, the show’s been doing well on Nick since its premiere. While it’s not a Nick-owned series, it does seem a positive authorize that children still prefer the Chipmunks, and Nick having an animated series success that’s not SpongeBob or the Ninja Turtles.