A diode switch ac to pulsed dc. What electrical device smoothes the pulsed dc to a smoother dc?

A capacitor

An electric current of 5 amperes in a wire carries ___

5 coulombs every second

Between a watt, a kilowatt, and also a kilowatt-hour, which is a unit the power and also which is a unit the energy?

A watt is power, a kilowatt is power, and a kilowatt-hour is energy.

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What go it median to say that a details current is 60 Hz?

It alternates back and soon 60 time a second.

When the filament division in one lamp in a parallel circuit, lamps in various other branches the the circuit normally

continue glowing as brightly

How go the warm emitted by lamps impact their efficiency?

Heat emitted reduces the efficiency.

Why does a wire the carries electric current end up being hot?

Moving electrons collide with atoms, i beg your pardon transfers your kinetic power to atom motion.

How does wetness affect the resistance of her body?

Wet bodies have lower resistance.

The electrical resistance in a length of cable is doubled when the cable is _________.

twice as long

When you make your household electrical payment in ~ the finish of the month, space you billed for voltage, current, power, or energy?


Does a battery develop dc or ac? go the generator in ~ a commercial power station create dc or ac?

The battery is dc; the generator is ac.

What is the error in speak the source of electrons in a circuit is the battery or generator?

Wires are complete of cell phone electrons.

Does electric charge flow throughout a circuit or with a circuit? walk voltage flow throughout a circuit or is that impressed across a circuit?

Charge flows through and also voltage is impressed throughout a circuit.

Will water flow an ext easily with a broad pipe or a small pipe? Will present flow much more easily v a thick wire or a thin wire?

Wide pipe and thick wire

When your body undergoes electrical shock, the resource of relocating electrons is ________

electrons already in your body

What condition is essential for the sustained flow of water in a pipe? What analogous condition is crucial for the sustained circulation of fee in a wire?

A constant pressure difference, often provided by a pump, is needed for water to flow. A continuous potential difference, often detailed by a battery, is required for charge to flow.

At what speed perform electrons in a battery driven automotive circuit travel along a wire? in ~ what rate does the electrical field propagate follow me a wire?

Electrons move at 0.01 cm/s. The electrical field propagates at virtually the rate of light.

In a circuit of two lamps in parallel, wherein there is a voltage the 6 V throughout one lamp, what is the voltage throughout the other lamp

6 volts

When the filament breaks in one desk lamp in a collection circuit, other lamps in the circuit generally ___

go out

Electric power in a circuit is the rate at which __

energy dissipates

The entity that travels around the speed of light in an electrical circuit is __

electric field

A voltage source in a circuit provides electric _________


What is the duty of fuse or circuit breaker in a circuit?

To avoid over loading the circuit v current

What is supposed by drift velocity?

The net circulation of electrons follow me a wire.

If the resistance the a circuit remains consistent while the voltage across the circuit to reduce to fifty percent its former value, what readjust occurs in the current?

It is reduced in half.

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Why room electrons, fairly than protons, the principal charge carriers in steel wires?

Electrons are complimentary to move through the metal, whereas protons are solved in place.