An Excel _____ enables data to be summarized and also charted easily.
The _____ box display screens the energetic cell reference. EX6Name
When you start typing a cell entry, Excel displays two added boxes in the formula bar: _____. EX 7the cancel box and also the enter box
The _____ function of Excel functions behind the scenes, correcting typical mistakes when you finish a text entry in a cell. EX 9AutoCorrect
When you enter numeric data in a cell, Excel establish the values as numbers and also _____ the values. EX 13Right-aligns
A _____ is a collection of 2 or much more adjacent cell in a tower or row or a rectangular group of cells. EX 14Range
A coming before _____ advises Excel the you space entering a formula or duty and not text. EX 20Equal Sign
Font size is gauged by a measure up system called _____. EX 23Points
In _____ mode, together you form a character, Excel inserts the character and also moves all characters to the appropriate of the typed character one position to the right. EX50Insert
The _____ command on the Clear food selection is the just command that gets rid of both the cabinet entry and also the cabinet formatting. EX52Clear All
A formula in a cabinet that consists of a reference back to chin is dubbed a(n) _____ reference. EX73Circular
If the following arithmetic operations all are found in a formula v no parentheses, which one is perfect last? EX75+
When friend copy a formula v a family member cell reference down a row, _____. EX 78the row references change in the formula
The _____ role is offered to identify the lowest number in a offered range. EX 84MIN
To assign a dollar authorize to appear immediately come the left that the very first digit v no spaces, usage a _____ dissension sign. EX 99Floating
Which the the following is a valid conditional formatting operator uncovered in the new Formatting rule dialog box? EX 103Greater than
A period on the display that includes a color is dubbed a _____. EX 103Pixel
Excel includes a(n) _____ you can use to inspect a worksheet because that spelling errors. EX 107Spell Checker
A(n) _____ is text and graphics that publish at the bottom of each page. EX 110Footer
The _____ version of a worksheet mirrors the results of formulas. EX 115Values
_____ space values in cells the you can change to determine new values because that formulas. EX 130Assumptions
The _____ is a momentary storage area in the computer’s memory that enables you to collection text and graphics from an Office document and then dough them into practically any other kind of document. EX 141Office Clipboard
Valid layout symbols include every one of the following except _____. EX 147+
A _____ shows the date a workbook, report, or other record was produced or the time period it represents. EX 148Date Stamp
A formula making use of the _____ cell recommendation B4 instructs Excel to readjust the cell reference as it copies it come the destination area. EX 151Relative
Excel displays the error article _____ in cell that space not vast enough to screen entire entry. EX 157#####
An Excel _____ chart gives a simple means to show trends and variations in a range of data in ~ a single cell. EX 160Sparkline
The _____ attribute evaluates the selected data and also makes suggestions regarding which chart varieties will provide the most perfect representation. EX 171Recommended Charts
When you _____ a worksheet, Excel enlarges the see of the personalities on the screen, but displays fewer columns and also rows.

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EX 182
When working v a big worksheet, girlfriend can separation the home window into 2 or four _____ to view different parts of the worksheet at the very same time. EX 184Panes