1 : a indigenous or expression for one point that is offered to to express to another thing in stimulate to show or indicate that lock are similar "He to be drowning in paperwork" is a metaphor in which having actually to resolve a most paperwork is being contrasted to drown in an s of water. Her poems include plenty of imaginative metaphors. A poet admired for her use of metaphor

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1 : a figure of speech in which a word or expression literally denoting one type of thing or idea is provided in ar of an additional to indicate a likeness or analogy between them (as in drowning in money) broadly : figurative language — to compare simile

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metaphoric ˌme-​tə-​ˈfȯr-​ik , -​ˈfär-​ or metaphorical ˌme-​tə-​ˈfȯr-​i-​kəl , -​ˈfär-​ adjective

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What is metaphor?

"You"re a peach!" We"ve every heard the expression, and it"s a an excellent example the what we call metaphor. A metaphor is a figure of speech in i beg your pardon a word or phrase denoting one type of object or action is offered in location of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them: the person being handle in "you"re a peach" is being corresponded with a peach, through the tip being the the human being is satisfaction or exciting in the method that a peach is pleasing and also delightful. A metaphor is an implied comparison, together in "the silk of the singer"s voice," in comparison to the clearly comparison the the simile, which provides like or as, together in "a voice smooth favor silk."

When we use metaphor, we make a leap past rational, ho-hum comparison come an identification or fusion of 2 objects, causing a new entity the has characteristics of both: the voice isn"t like silk; the is silk. Many critics to the the making of metaphors together a mechanism of thought antedating or bypassing logic. An allegory is the an essential language that poetry, although that is typical on every levels and also in all kinds of language.

Lots of common words we usage every day were initially vivid images, although they exist now as dead metaphors whose original aptness has been lost. Words daisy, because that example, comes from an Old English word definition "day"s eye." The ray-like illustration of the daisy, i m sorry opens and also closes v the sun, is storage of an eye that opens in the morning and also closes in ~ night. The expression time flies is additionally metaphorical, v time being determined with a bird.

In city a metaphor may carry out varied functions, indigenous noting an easy similarity in between things come evoking a broad set of associations; it might exist as a minor element, or it may be the main concept and also controlling picture of the poem. The metaphor of one iron steed for a train, for example, is the elaborate central concept of one of Emily Dickinson"s poems—though neither iron horse nor train shows up in the poem, the an initial and last stanzas of which are:

I like to view it lap the Miles—

And lick the Valleys up—

And prevent to feed itself in ~ Tanks—

And then—prodigious step

And neigh prefer Boanerges—

Then—prompter than a Star

Stop—docile and omnipotent

At it"s own stable door—

A mixed metaphor is the linking of two or much more elements the don"t go together logically. It happens as soon as the writer or speak isn"t being sensitive to the literal an interpretation of the indigenous or to the falseness that the comparison gift used. A mixed an allegory is often two metaphors sloppily mashed together as in, "the round is in the court of public opinion," which joins "the ball is in her court" come "the court of public opinion."

A mixed metaphor may additionally be supplied with good effectiveness, however, as in Hamlet"s speech:

Whether "tis noble in the mind to suffer

The slings and also arrows that outrageous fortune

Or to take arms versus a sea the troubles

For strictly exactly completion of the metaphor, sea should be replaced by a word favor host. By utilizing "sea of troubles," however, Shakespeare evokes the overwhelming nature the Hamlet"s troubles.

Simile vs. Metaphor

Many people have trouble distinguishing between simile and also metaphor. A glance at their Latin and Greek roots supplies a simple way of telling these 2 closely-related figures of speech apart. Simile comes from the Latin word similis (meaning “similar, like”), which appears fitting, due to the fact that the comparison shown by a simile will generally contain the indigenous as or like. Metaphor, on the various other hand, originates from the Greek indigenous metapherein (“to transfer”), i m sorry is also fitting, since a an allegory is used in ar of something. “My love is prefer a red, red rose” is a simile, and “love is a rose” is a metaphor.

friend see, menudo is our chicken soup because that the body and soul, our metaphor for bread-and-butter issues. — Joe Rodriguez, San Jose Mercury News, 20 might 2003 The hapless Humpty Dumpty often crops up as a an allegory for the second law the thermodynamics. — Charles Day, Physics Today, December 2002 Ben Strong, senior, football player, leader the the prayer group, the boy whose an extremely name is a metaphor, has actually been besieged by the media for interviews. — Jayne anne Phillips, Harper"s, November 1998 The variety of songs containing faint metaphors and also intriguing however obscure symbolism could be extended indefinitely. Still, … there are hollers, work songs, field songs, and also blues whose an interpretation is really not subject to a an excellent deal that interpretation. — Lawrence W. Levine, "The ide of the new Negro," 1971, in The Unpredictable Past, 1993 “He to be drowning in paperwork” is a metaphor in which having actually to resolve a most paperwork is being contrasted to drowned in an s of water. her poems include countless imaginative metaphors. a poet admired because that her usage of metaphor
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Recent instances on the web possibly a an important metaphor for the nation, The Hunger Coalition is functioning to bring everyone in the ar to the table since even one empty seat means that an important voice may be missing from the conversation. — The Hunger Coalition, Forbes, 26 Oct. 2021 for the king butterfly is together multivalent a metaphor as Gandis might conjure up. — Manuel Betancourt, Variety, 19 Oct. 2021 Fortescue Future markets — the bridge, in Dr. Forrest’s metaphor — simply signed a deal for a wind farm yard in Argentina. — New York Times, 16 Oct. 2021 yet Spanish ft Mayor Mike McMillan decided a slightly various metaphor for the day’s announcement. — al, 15 Oct. 2021 In some comedies, dramas and medical and also first-responder programs, creative teams space addressing the issue of Covid-19 vaccines with satire, candor, metaphor and, in ~ times, silence. — Ellen Gamerman, WSJ, 15 Oct. 2021 The mom of one likewise described the album together a close girlfriend in prolonged metaphor that consisted of cheering-up nights of wine and also take-out food, advantageous advice and also self-care. — Nicholas Rice, PEOPLE.com, 15 Oct. 2021 Prince’s concept was to make the cabaret a metaphor for Germany together the Nazis climbed to power, putting the personalities in a chilling historic context. — buy it Crompton, Vogue, 11 Oct. 2021 shot talking around cancer without using a war metaphor. — Alia E. Dastagir, USA TODAY, 7 Oct. 2021

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History and also Etymology for metaphor

center English methaphor, from middle French or Latin; center French metaphore, from Latin metaphora, native Greek, indigenous metapherein come transfer, from meta- + pherein to bear — an ext at bear