The waves crash versus the rocks, the light ray of sunshine warmth the white dusty sand, and also the odor of saltwater filling the air. The waters that Hawaii are not only Bethany Hamilton’s home, it is her life. In a split second her people changed. She would have to turn to faith or fear to save herself afloat. However, Bethany embraced something lot bigger 보다 herself i m sorry is what made her a stronger human after the shark attack. The film, Soul Surfer easily pulls you into the setting of the Hawaiian Islands. It likewise tugs at your heartstrings v the actor’s portrayal that the close household bond the Hamilton’s have actually for one another. Luckily the solid acting throughout the film helps me come overlook the really amateur and weak special impacts of the surfer scenes. Unlike greater budgeted movies like Mission Impossible, wherein things space being swollen up and people flying from fishing line wire through the air, this movie lacks in the realistic strength of surfing. Ns think the storyline carries the film, and the audience’s understanding of this actual occasion coming come life ~ above the big screen makes it other that deserve to be easily overlooked. The still makes for a chilling movie with a lot of heart and passion. Bethany Hamilton’s life as a surfer would never be the same, and also this film clearly shows the strength of faith and finding a brand-new perspective. The film, heart Surfer, based on the true-life story, shows how a tragic incident lugged one young girl to she knees, yet influenced a whole world.

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An ordinary family members in Hawaii would have their civilization turned upside down through the unimaginable and horrific event of a shark strike on a young teenage girl. It would certainly be this event that conveniently thrust the Hamilton family members into the media spotlight and their resides would never be the same. The film, spirit Surfer, do the efforts to do each image and scene authentic and also realistic together possible. A complicated task non-the-less. First, AnnaSophia Robb, the actress that played Bethany Hamilton didn’t know just how to surf and took lessons from Bethany herself. Special effects were a little difficult to traction off because of the height difference between the petit actress and the practically a 6-foot-tall Hamilton. Bethany play AnnaSophia’s stunt dual throughout the film because “she said there is ‘no one much better able come play a one-armed surfer than me,’ McNamara said,” (Verrier).



AnnaSophia Robb had actually to appear to be a true amputee for the audience to believe the storyline and feel the struggles she challenged after the attack. This was carefully done through a little company the end of Los Angeles that supplied “750 visual results shots in the movie for much less than $1 million” (Verrier). The actress had her arm closely wrapped in green for her eight to it is in visually eliminated throughout the modifying of the film. This is whereby the solid acting play a function in the believability that the surfer's struggles and her an ideas to uncover a brand-new perspective. Each scene you could feel the highs and the lows Bethany faced to get ago up again. Simple tasks like acquiring dressed or pulling increase her very own hair were now something she had actually to have family members help. She clearly had physics challenges and also yet she heart ached come surf again. It would certainly be her confidence in the lengthy run that was tested to see if she was strong enough to get over her disability and also find her brand-new normal. Bethany being very independent had actually to learn exactly how to skinny on others for support and not just try to get over this tragic occasion on she own.



Each visual effect appeared to it is in strategic and well thought out except for a couple of that make the film appear amateur and included very little to the currently well-done film. Because that instance, the moment after Bethany is struck by the shark and arrives in the hospital in the film, you deserve to imagine she going right into some form of shock. The scene shows Bethany surfing v a tunnel of water with a bright irradiate on the various other side. This illustration leads the audience to believe she is dying. This short scene come off an extremely ordinary and also unbelievable. It is clear the actress is not truly in the water or top top a surfboard. This visual effect plays down everything else the filmmakers try to depict together real. Despite a minor and also brief step the image could have quickly been eliminated from the movie to be just as an effective without offering into the negative quality.

Again, the filmmakers usage this same scene near the finish of the film once the actress play Hamilton is capturing the last big wave of the competition. I understand they room trying come tie the two occasions together to display just how much Bethany has come. Yet, this scene came off really child-like and almost cartoonish. The did not improve the outcome of the movie at all and also could have conveniently been removed. It deserve to be daunting for filmmakers to use real-life gibbs in activity films whereby the actors have little to no experience. This is whereby body doubles deserve to be supplied for distant shots. This was accomplished by the actual Bethany Hamilton playing the role of the stunt double. Unfortunately, this movie tries to catch the emotions Bethany Hamilton was feeling while riding the waves. These tight shots ~ above the actress are an extremely phony and also unrealistic. The film would have actually been more powerful without them. If the spending plan didn’t permit for higher quality character produced backgrounds to do the water on the actor’s face show up it to be truly coming from the waves, it should have been eliminated. The emotions and essence the the film might have been depicted without the addition of these close-ups.

Bethany Hamilton remembers that day and also says, “‘For the many part, i remember the attack. There were some blurry moments. It was pretty quick, and also I favored that about the movie,’ Hamilton says. ‘It’s not overdramatized. It’s just real nearby to how it actually was — just real quick, and also I didn’t see anything. I’m simply happy to be alive,’” (Cox). The accuracy of the film is what renders this one come remember. True life stories can conveniently be overdone and also made an ext colorful making use of special effects and added scenes. The makers of Soul Surfer did not go the route. They remained true to the storyline with just a pair of exceptions. Over there is a scene after Bethany gets she arm little bit off through a 14-foot tiger shark and is rushed right into the hospital come the surgical procedure room where she goes into cardiac arrest. “In actual life, Bethany Hamilton didn’t go into cardiac arrest however did lose over 60% of her blood and, thus, got in hypovolemic shock,” (Potier). This do the scene much more dramatic and gut-wrenching come the audience. It renders you realize this strike was severe and life-threatening come the young Hamilton girl. The addition to the storyline did not take far from the film, but instead just amplified the horrific event without going together far regarding make the event seem unreal.

As you continue to more watch the movie, Tom Hamilton, Bethany’s Dad, compare the bite out of the damaged surfboard come the jaw size of a hanging dead shark. When in reality, “… the fishermen carried their catch to investigators, who figured out the dimensions of its mouth matched the chunk taken the end of Hamilton’s board,” (Potier). By having actually Tom Hamilton measure the plank to the dead shark, the audience deserve to feel the father’s pain because that his daughter and also his helplessness to deal with things for his child. Additionally, in this exact same scene, the shark was clearly fake and also looked together if it was something girlfriend would check out at a local tourist attraction for photograph ops. I think the visual effects could have excellent a much better job of creating a more lifelike shark climate what they chose to use. That is with these basic mistakes that make the movie seem slightly mediocre and lacking in substance. Luckily, there are just a couple of of this scenes the I have pointed the end that space mediocre and also doesn’t take far from the in its entirety quality that the filmmaker’s last product.


Overall, Soul Surfer is a well-done film with only a couple of flaws the make the seem choose a much reduced budgeted film 보다 the virtually $20 million the it is. Is it worth the time? Absolutely! It will be one the keeps you rooting for a young girl to fight to get ago up again and find her brand-new perspective. The film permits you to evaluate the beauty beauty of Hawaii and the strength and also power the the ocean waves. That is likewise encouraging to watch a young girl adopt her confidence when challenged with life-altering challenges. This heartwarming film will have you cheering for the family to pole together v the tough times and also not offer up. The solid line up of actors keeps the inspirational storyline believable. The is one that pipeline you through a laugh on her face, and who doesn’t love a happy ending? I recognize I do.


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