Compare/Contrast Creon and also Antigone In Antigone created by Sophocles, there are two key characters, Antigone and also Creon. In the play, King the Thebes, Creon has announced to everyone in the city the no one have the right to mourn or bury Polyneices. Prior to Creon ended up being a king, Polyneices and Eteocles were fighting to it is in the king that Thebes ~ his father, Oedipus died. Polyneices and Eteocles both eliminated each various other in a war. Creon honored just Eteocles but not Polyneices. Your sister, Antigone believes that one’s body need to be hidden in order for their spirit to remainder in peace.

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Without considering any kind of consequences, Antigone buried his brother, Polyneices which then she was punished. Antigone and Creon re-publishing similarities distinctions throughout the story in personality and values. As for personality in similarities, Creon and also Antigone are both stubborn. Creon never ever listens to other’s opinion or believes rather say various other than his own. Antigone hidden Polyneices therefore Creon sentenced her to die yet Haemon make the efforts to to convince his dad to not kill Antigone. Creon wouldn’t listen. “That is no government, but tyranny. This quote stated by Creon’s son, Haemon the he describes his father rules the city together a tyranny however not together a government. Also, Creon does no even believe to Teirsesias, that made the king in the an initial place. Tiresias, the blind prophet alerts Creon that the gods space angry about the blasphemous treatment of Polynices’ body and will punishment the city for this sacrilege. “Only a stupid is administer by self-will, “the advice provided by Tiresias method that a fool walk not usage his factor or wisdom yet his feeling or what the wants. Creon does not care and also suspects Tiresias for making a false prophecy which provides Creon stubborn.

Antigone has equal Hubris herself. She is therefore passionate on burying she brother, Polyneices the she will certainly not hear to reason. Antigone is complete of arrogance the she will not listen to the native of her sister, Ismene. Ismene warned her of the danger and the aftermath of burying your brother Polyneices but Antigone would certainly not listen. She phone call Ismene a “traitor” for no helping her. Afterwards in the play, Antigone is arrested and Ismene tries to action up by admitting that, “I to be guilty, if she allow me speak so. ” Antigone reply “no, Ismene.

You have not helped me and also I will certainly not have you help me. ” This reveals how arrogant and stubborn Antigone deserve to be. She go not want Ismene to share the crime v her when Ismene go not perform it. As for differences in personality, Creon is selfish while Antigone is selfish less. Creon cares an ext about his popularity together a King than his family. That does not care about his child Haemon however how the citizens think about him. “I scorn him; because that if I should see damage threatening the security of my citizens, I would certainly not host my peace, nor would certainly I count that man my friend who was my country’s foe. This reveals just how much Creon cares around his citizens. As for Antigone, she is selfish less due to the fact that she to know the after-effects for break the law however she urge of burying her brother’s body. “And if I have to die because that this pure crime, ns am content. ” This reveals how Antigone does not care about dying however instead finding tranquility for her brother’s soul. This show how selfish less Antigone is. As for the similarities in values, Creon and Antigone space both loyalty. Creon is loyal to his own legislations than come the “god’s law. ”


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