As is the situation with most gardening tools, a lawn mower, even if it is electric, gas powered or cordless, will need some maintain from time to time. And, virtually all lawn mowers will require their knives to be eliminated for either sharpening or replacing.

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A concern we commonly get request is “are lawn mower chisels reverse thread?”. Technically speaking, it’s no the mower tongue that’s reverse threaded but rather the nut that holds the blade in place.

And, yes a an excellent reason because that that. The turning back thread allows the nut to continually tighten as the blade is rotating. This method that it won’t loosen and also fall off with every rotation the the blade. However, friend may find that no all lawnmower chisels use a bolt that has a turning back thread.

Let’s delve into this a small further so the you understand exactly how this works.

Explaining how Lawn Mower Blade reverse Thread Nuts Work

Most lawn mower chisels turn in a clockwise direction. So, if the nut holding the blade in place is tightened in a clockwise direction climate it won’t loosen together the tongue turns. Whereas if you have actually a lawn mower whose chisels turn in a counterclockwise direction, climate the seed would additionally be tightened in a counterclockwise direction.

Therefore, each rotation that the blade in reality tightens the nut fairly than works it loose.

If you want to remove the blade to one of two people sharpen or change it, remember the following:

If her mower blade rotates in a clockwise direction, climate you need to loosen the seed in a counterclockwise direction.If your mower tongue rotates in a counterclockwise direction, then you want to ease the nut in a clockwise direction.

How carry out you call which way your mower tongue turns? because that this, you have to inspect the place of the discharge chute. If this chute is top top the ideal hand side and also is angled back, then your mower tongue rotates in a clockwise direction.

How to Safely eliminate Your Lawn Mower Blades

Your mower knives will wear down over time and also you may need to replace castle or simply sharpen lock if you are able to execute this. Below are some actions on just how to eliminate the tongue safely, especially on a gas it is provided mower.

Step 1: Make sure your Mower is Empty

Because you’ll be flipping the mower ~ above its side, you desire to ensure that there is no gas left in it. This is not essential for an electric or cordless mower, the course.

When remove mower blades, make certain that girlfriend wear hefty duty gloves to defend your hands. Mower blades and deck edges deserve to be fairly sharp and you don’t desire to accidentally reduced yourself.

Next, rotate the mower top top its side. Because that gas it is provided mowers, you want to ensure that the wait filter is on top. If you flip the mower the other way, oil might leak right into the filter and also you’ll have actually a many maintenance come do.

Step 2: Disconnect the Mower’s power Source

For gas it is provided mowers, you need to disconnect the wire from the spark plug and also push it the end of the way so that it can’t accidentally touch the plug when you’re functioning on the mower.

For cordless mowers, simply remove the battery pack. Electrical mowers just need to be unplugged.


Step 3: put on a Retainer to avoid the tongue from Moving

Once did you do it flipped the mower, you require some type of retainer to avoid the blade from transforming while she loosening the nut. You might use something as an easy as a block of hardwood wedged in between the blade and the side of the deck.

Step 4: ease the Nut utilizing a Wrench and also Socket

Most nuts holding the mower tongue in place will loosen in a counterclockwise direction. So, it’s just a situation of loosening the nut and removing it. If the bolt is really tight, you might need to use a ratchet expansion or a breaker bar to loosen it.

As you take the blade off, it’s essential to keep in mind which method it fits top top the mower so the you have the right to replace that correctly. You need to note which side of the blade is encountering outward and which next is dealing with toward the mower deck.

Also take keep in mind in i m sorry order the tensioning washers or mounted on the bolt.

Step 5: connect the new Blade

Once the old blade has been removed, you have the right to safely attach the brand-new blade. Ensure the it’s the right way up. Then, tighten the seed in a clockwise direction come secure the blade. Examine the user manual for your mower to view what the talk value need to be for your specific unit.

Don’t forget to reconnect the ignition wire to the spark plug as soon as you’ve finished replacing the blade.


Frequently request Questions

Does a lawn mower blade rotate counterclockwise or clockwise?

The bulk of lawn mower chisels will revolve clockwise.

How tight must you tighten a lawn mower blade?

The mower blade need to be tight sufficient so the can’t move on that own. However, girlfriend should be able to move it with your hand if you apply some pressure.

Should a lawn mower blade spin freely?

Generally, a lawn mower blade have to not spin freely due to the fact that it’s linked to the engine via a belt.

Why is mine mower cutting lower on one side?

This is usually caused by one uneven deck whereby one side of the deck is lower than the other. You simply need come make part adjustments come level the deck again.

Final Thoughts

Most lawn mower knives are connected with a reverse thread nut. This is to ensure that the nut and also bolt holding the tongue in place doesn’t loosen together the tongue rotates.

Remember the to loosen the nut, you have to turn that in the opposite direction the the common rotation of your mower blades.

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Before you adjust your mower blade, ensure the you’ve disconnected the engine and also that you’re wearing gloves to prevent any feasible injuries.