Many typical garden plants have actually some toxic aspects that can prove attention to her cat. The bulk won’t reason much more than skin wake up or an uncomfortable stomach, and also it’s very unlikely that cats will intentionally eat tree that room poisonous come them. However, part plants have the right to make cats really ill, even if lock haven’t eaten the plant. It’s because of this important to recognize the worst culprits, therefore you have the right to avoid cultivation them.

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As with all fear of toxicity, if you doubt your cat has actually eaten part of a toxicity plant then look for veterinary advice immediately.

With help from Cats Protection, we’ve developed a perform of the many toxic tree to cats. Every one of these are plants can be lethal to cats and also cat owners would certainly be well advised come avoid cultivation them.

Alison Richards, cat Protection’s central Veterinary Officer, says: “whatever you decide to tree in your garden, it’s vital to look out for indicators of poisoning, consisting of increased thirst, confusion, drooling, an obstacle breathing, fitting/seizures and also vomiting. If you suspect your cat is poisoned, take her cat come a vet immediately and give the vet information about what her cat may have consumed.”

For a complete list of plants that have varying level of toxicity to cats, see the Cats security factsheet.

... It"s vital to look the end for indications of poisoning, including increased thirst, confusion, drooling, difficulty breathing, fitting/seizures and also vomiting. If you doubt your cat is poisoned, take your cat come a vet immediately.

All components of lilies room toxic to cats if ingested, and consuming little amounts can result in serious poisoning and also kidney failure, which deserve to be fatal. Although that unlikely that your cat will certainly eat lilies, yes a risk that they may come into call with the flower’s pollen by rubbing up against it and then licking their fur. Alison Richards says: “As a vet, I’d always advise civilization to stop planting lilies in their gardens if there room cats around. The best way to stop your cat from being poisoned is simply to not have lily tree in your house or garden or home.”



Chrysanthemums naturally contain the botanical insecticide pyrethrin. Although most cats would must ingest big amounts the chrysanthemum in stimulate to it is in affected, particularly sensitive cats may develop skin irritation simply by rubbing up against them. Other symptoms encompass vomiting, diahorrea and also a absence of appetite.


All parts of poppies can be harmful to cat if ingested. The lot of alkaloids or opioids have the right to vary, depending on the species, yet all have potential to damage your cat. Symptoms of poisoning encompass dilated pupils, challenge walking, absence of appetite and coma.

Marigolds (Tagetes species) may cause mild stomach upset. The sap indigenous the plant can additionally cause skin irritation. Pot marigold, Calendula officinalis, is not toxic come cats.



Mistletoe poisoning is most most likely to take place at Christmas, as soon as you carry plants right into the house. Symptom of poisoning incorporate drooling, upset stomach, difficulty walking, low blood pressure, seizures and even death.


Another plant likely to be lugged into the home at Christmas, poinsettia can damage your cat. However symptoms space usually mild, and also can incorporate stomach upset, drooling, and skin and eye irritation.

Tips for making your garden cat-friendly

“Grow cat-friendly plants like catnip, mint, cat thyme and also lavender come encourage them to nibble non-toxic tree in the garden. It’s also important come clear far clippings as soon as gardening, together these might intrigue curious cats.”

Alison Richards, cats Protection’s central Veterinary Officer

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