You need to be wondering, why does her Yorkie not have actually a full-length tail? all Yorkies room actually born through a tail. But at some suggest in your lives, your tails are partially removed (docked). And also the factors for that could surprise you. 

Just why is her Yorkie’s tail docked? The #1 reason, according to breeders and veterinarians alike, is for aesthetic purposes.

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The American Kennel club (AKC), continental Kennel club (CKC), new Zealand Kennel club (NZKC), united Kennel club (UKC), and the Australian national Kennel council (ANKC) need that all Yorkies’ tails room docked, in order because that a Yorkie come be considered as a breed standard. 

Let’s dive deeper right into this controversial topic. 

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Why carry out Yorkies have Their Tails Docked?


Docking describes the procedure of removing component of the tail of a dog. The is typical with tiny dog breeds like the Yorkshire terriers. Through Yorkies, the procedure is performed once they space newborn pups. In ~ this age, they have actually less the a arisen sensation the pain and heal conveniently which provides it the the safest time because that the procedure.

It is a really controversial procedure with strong points because that and against it. In America, it is usual practice to dock Yorkie puppies.

Here are some of the main reasons why:

To meet American Kennel club Standards

The American Kennel Club requires that Yorkie terriers have their tails docked to tool tail length. This pipeline a short tail stub the raises slightly over the level that the back. The is thought about a marker because that the breed and is an especially important because that Yorkies in the present dog scene.

This applies to Parti and teacup Yorkies too, yet not the Biewer Yorkie, i beg your pardon is taken into consideration a various breed to the traditional Yorkie.

For Aesthetics

This is one of the key underlying reasons behind the popular of tail docking in Yorkies both in and also out that the vain world. The long and also high-riding tail of an undocked Yorkie is considered undesirable in terms of visual appeal. This is mostly the instance with long-haired doggies. Shortening the tail gives the dog a more compact and also appealing look.

This is particularly the situation for teacup Yorkies, whereby dog owners regularly pursue a teddy bear hair cut to amplify the cuteness of their pooch, and the tail is believed to influence the cuteness factor.

To safeguard From searching Injuries

Yorkies were initially bred and are still occasionally used as searching dogs. Those with undocked tails often tend to suffer more tail injuries, specifically when retrieving in shrubbery or holes. As a result, owners favor to spare your dogs the pain and just shorten it come a manageable and also less accident-prone length.


Docking a Yorkie tail is no a very challenging procedure and also with the ideal tools, this procedure can also be done at home. Girlfriend just have to obtain the timing right and select the ideal procedure for your situation. This decisions determine the outcome straight as despite being simple, things can go very wrong for your beloved Yorkie pup.

When it comes to timing because that docking your Yorkie’s tail, the newborn period is the safest and has the greatest success rate. The is advised that the procedure is done between 2 and 5 days due to the fact that birth.

At this age, they are solid enough to manage the procedure together opposed to doing that on the first day that life. This is also when it is least painful as your nervous systems space still immature and not really sensitive. If you miss out on this window, you can still have your Yorkie’s tail docked however your selection of measures is different.

When it comes to the procedure itself, you have two key methods to choose from:

The an initial is the simple banding method. This is where you tie a piece of sanitized rope or a tape tightly approximately the tail in ~ the point where you desire to reduced it. This cut off the blood it is provided to the reduced segment. In time, this dies and falls off. This is for this reason straightforward that it is regularly done at home and also is finest for newborns who heal faster.

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The second option is to get the tail docking excellent professionally by a vet. This is generally done under anesthesia and requires surgically removed a part of the tail. If it deserve to be carry out on newborns, the is more often 보다 not scheduled for older Yorkies.