Greasers and also Socs are really different type of people. If you have read "The Outsiders" by S.E Hinton, you will certainly understand just how each that these individualities clash, currently see what side you take!

Pick the answers that best uses to girlfriend to find out if your a greaser or a soc. Remember to have actually fun, and no matter what ever question you choose there room no best or wrong answers.

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produced by: Ashley Jo Jo

Do you take into consideration friendship important? Yes, my friends are my life! no really, I can live without them.How space you financially? ns have more than enough! I can use part more, ns guessWhat is her social statistic? im pretty popular, anyone knows that I am! ever before one think i"m a lowlife loser, i have couple of good friends.How carry out you have fun? I favor to reason trouble! ns am absolutely a thrill seeker! I like to throw huge parties! anything to rise my reputation.Are you willing to cheat and lie? I"ll perform anything to make myself watch better. Something to conserve my skin. I favor to call the truth. Integrity is very important come me.How carry out you dress? i dress pretty plain, a plain tee and some jeans space the means I go. I have to look good! I favor sports jackets and also things that stand the end more.What kind of car are you much more likely come drive? I require the best auto there is, the far better looking ones are what i like. What ever before I get, although I would certainly love to have a nice car.How much is school necessary to you? ns dont really care, more than likely will drop the end if I gain bored school is expected, i must get into a great collage for this reason I deserve to make great money.Are you emotional? ns have small feeling. If i have any I hide them and also rarely break. I show my feelings with anger, ns break quite a lot when I cant save it in.Why would certainly you go to a rumble? For fun of course! I like the rush of adrenaline! To show that ns as good as anybody else, or to stand up for someone!

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