Some the the most frequently asked concerns are “Where is mine parcel? mine parcel’s tracking hasn’t to be updated in days.”, “What walk dispatch from outward office of exchange mean?”, “What walk retention mean?” Every job we gain lots that questions regarding the whereabouts of her parcels, so we are right here today to overview you through the tracking system and also put all your worries and also doubts in ~ ease.

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What is Japan Post’s distribution status report?

After shipping her package internationally, you will be granted a tracking number to store an eye on where your package is every step of the trip to the shipment point. In general, the most usual actions are: The postal company picks up your package from our warehouse (posting/collection, the package goes come the airport (arrival at external office of exchange), it gets shipped overseas (dispatch from outside office that exchange), the postal business in the destination nation picks up the parcel and also makes the distribution (final delivery). After those steps, you will certainly be presented through your package.

Where carry out I uncover my package tracking number?

All parcels the leave ours warehouses include totally free tracking and shipping insurance. You have the right to easily find this number in mine Account → Packages.


What does each distribution status mean?

By following the actions above, friend will be able to see the shipping information step by step. The page should look something prefer the photo below.


1. Article number

This is your tracking number. If you need any kind of advice on her shipment, this is the number to keep in hand.

2. Course of goods

The shipping service that is shipping her goods. EMS and also UPS room the fastest and most reliable, yet you can likewise opt for cheaper solutions such as AVIA (economic air) and also SAL.

3. Posting/Collection

This means that the goods you ordered have actually been picked up by Japan Post. In our case, together the postal organization picks increase the parcel from among our warehouses, it instantly marks the date and also time. If you uncover that your tracking page is blank, it means that also though her parcel has been assembled, it has actually not been picked up yet.


4. Come at outside office that exchange

Since all our shipments are by air, it method that your package has arrived in ~ the matching airport in Japan and also will be sent out on the next plane.


5. Dispatch from exterior office that exchange


Your package has been shipped by plane and is currently on its means to her country. Keep in mind that for some nations there are no direct flights indigenous Japan. As such your package might need come go v one or much more intermediate countries/states to arrive, depending upon the last destination. However, the tracking will never be updated once it reaches neutral countries; the will only be updated when it arrives in her country.

This means that after your package leaves Japan, the is normal that the tracking go not upgrade for numerous days.

In general, this is the most necessary step and also the one that occupies the many time in the shipment of the package. Due to the fact that in this step your package has already left Japan us cannot interference in the delivery. Us recommend that you patiently wait for your package to arrive in your country. When it arrives in your nation it need to be registered and the tracking need to be to update automatically.

6. Come at inward office of exchange

Great news! her package has actually arrived in your country. The inward office in your country has received and also registered your parcel (depending ~ above the speed of your local postal services this step might be shipped and also the status may not it is in updated till later). Native this step, every questions and queries friend have about the condition of your package need to be made through your local postal force.


7. Item presented to income customs

This is the following step after her package arrives in the nation of destination and also can vary considerably on the strictness and also customs laws of every country. All nations have different custom laws, for this reason we carry out not have in-depth information top top all personalizeds processes. If your parcel is gift to import customizeds they may shot to call you by the phone number girlfriend provided, therefore please shot to store an eye the end for any unusual call calls during this time.

Japan article shipments frequently go unnoticed through customs, therefore in many cases, that is only a issue of waiting from one to numerous days. Note: your local customizeds office might be an ext or less lived in by the variety of shipments handled, we have nothing to perform with customs, and we can not it is in responsible for any collections, delays or custom-mades decisions, only the government of your nation has control over customs.


8. Item changed from import customs

The article left personalizeds successfully and is currently on its way to her nearest short article office depot to write-up it locally. If your shipping condition is updated come retention, please call your local article office as quickly as possible.

Some countries add more details so you may be able to see which short article office her parcel is being held at.

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“Departure indigenous the Inward Office that Exchange” or “Departure indigenous the internal distribution office” method that your central mail depot is sending the package to her nearest short article office. Sometimes it may take a while for her mail to it is in sorted because that shipment.

“Processing in ~ delivery post Office” or “Processing at the shipping post office” means that your surrounding post office is right now getting ready to ship her parcel in among the next shipping rounds. The moment of this procedure depends on the rate of the mail service in your country.

9. Final delivery

Your package has arrived!


If the tracking states that her parcel has arrived, however you have actually not got it, please execute not panic. It is a good idea to confirm through your email who has signed for the goods. First, ask your family or those who live with you if they have not obtained it for you while you to be absent. If friend live in a multi-department building, questioning your building manager whether they got it because that you. If you still haven’t to be able to find it, contact us and also we will certainly investigate it because that you.

Useful Links

Here room some valuable contacts for you to assist you with your shipments:

U.S Postal Service:

USPS Tracking

Phone number: 1-800-344-7779 (Monday - Friday 8 am - 8:30 pm ET, Saturday 8 to be - 6 pm ET)

Facebook - Twitter

U.K article Office:

Australia Post:

Australia write-up Tracking

Phone number:13 post (13 7678) (8am–6pm, Monday–Friday (except nationwide public holidays)

Facebook - Twitter

Canada Post:

Canada article Tracking

Phone number: 1-866-607-6301 (Monday come Friday, 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. ET, Saturday and also Sunday, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET)

Facebook - Twitter

Other useful sites:


We expect this has actually helped you to understand just how the whole tracking mechanism works. If you require any more details, girlfriend can call our team directly here.