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The first ATV Offroad Fury has cheat codes that unlock all tracks, vehicles, and an enig modes. Learn exactly how to carry out tricks and impress her friends in ATV Offroad rage for PS2.

These cheat are solely for the playstations 2 version. Over there are separate cheats forATV Offroad Furyon PSP.

Cheat CodeEffect
ALLQUIKIFaster Opponents
ALLOUTAIPlayExpert Mode
WHATEXITUnlock Every Track
CHACHINGUnlock Ravage 1000 and ATV fury Gear

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Rainbow Studios / Sony

ATV Offroad fury Unlockables

You can additionally unlock secrets vehicles by finishing Pro-Career mode.

UnlockableHow come Unlock
Ravage 1000cc ATVComplete Pro-Career mode once.
New Ravage SkinComplete Pro-Career setting twice.

just how to Fly approximately Fort Roberts

It"s also feasible to hitch a drive on a helicopter at fort Roberts. As it"s around to land close to the rundown buildings at the airport, pop a wheelie and collide with the chopper through your prior tires. If time right, you"ll ascend with the helicopter when it takes off. Hit turning back to obtain off.

how to fast Resume ~ a Crash

Press L1+R1 quickly just as you walk over a cliff or prior to you"re around to crash, and also you"ll resume the gyeongju from your previous position.

just how to Get an ext Air

When going up a hill or ramp, journey at complete speed and also press Down, then press Up as you drive off of the top to do a lengthy jump.

just how to perform Tricks

Enter the following button combinations on the PS2 controller to perform tricks in any kind of mode.

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TrickHow to Perform
Air WalkRight, Circle
Bar HopUp, Right, Triangle
Bar KneelUp, Left, Triangle
Cliff HangerUp, Left, Circle
CordovaUp, Right, Circle
Double have the right to CanLeft, Circle
Heart AttackUp, Circle
Heel ClickerUp, Triangle
Lazy BoyDown, Triangle
Nac NacLeft, Triangle
Saran WrapDown, Right, Circle
ScissorsDown, Left, Triangle
Seat GrabDown, Right, Triangle
Split XRight, Triangle
SupermanDown, Left, Circle
Tail GrabDown, Circle

ATV Offroad rage GameShark Cheat password

It"s also feasible to unlock everything in the game using GameShark codes.

Cheat CodeEffect
EC89866C 1456E60APrimary Code
3CD901A4 1456E77BEarn Extra Pro-Career race Points
4CD96500 1456E7A6Unlock ATV fury Gear
4CD965FC 1456E7A6Unlock Ravage 1000
4C45F228 1456E7A6Unlock Badlands Track
4C45F2A8 1456E7A6Unlock Manitoba Mills Track
4C45F528 1456E7A6Unlock Kodiak Pipeline Track
4C45F5A8 1456E7A6Unlock Salem"s Backlot Track
4C45F428 1456E7A6Unlock Red Rocks Track
4C45F4A8 1456E7A6Unlock Somer"s Raceway Track
4C45F728 1456E7A6Unlock Tamarac Ranch Track
4C45F6A8 1456E7A6Unlock Syracuse Track
4C45F928 1456E7A6Unlock Latrobe Track
4C45F9A8 1456E7A6Unlock Tupelo Track
4C45F828 1456E7A6Unlock Santa Fe Track
4C45F8A8 1456E7A6Unlock Menifee Track