I"m a liquid collector collecting old liquid wrappers to build my vintage candy wrapper arsenal for every to view.

I to be wondering just how candy bars prices and also sizes adjusted over the years. I recognize that v inflation rates candy would continually go up and never down yet I thought the size of the candy bars would certainly waver up and down.

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Why liquid bar dimension wavers up and also down ns assume is based upon just another means to respond to act inflation rates. Instead of going increase on the price, you have the right to go down on its size, making her manufacturing expenses cheaper by volume. Thus, make the liquid bar cost the very same to make and the to produce doesn’t have to change their prices.

I did part research and also came up v a graph that space estimates based on a standard dimension common/non-premium united state candy bar. Premium liquid bars can not use been approximately a lengthy time and also can cost twice together much as a common candy bar. I charted that on a 5 year period instead that an even 10 years due to the fact that that time span is to long and also inflation prices fluctuate yearly. For this reason the prices shown are the typical price end the entire 5 year periods.

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YearsCandy size (Ounces)Candy Price (cents)Cost Pre ounce (cents)Stamp Price (cents) 
1930-19341.7552.83The good depression
1970-19741.30107.68US Inflation prices Rise
A look at the future price index at the current inclining inflation price (2.6% rate), quantities are estimated
2015 1.30 .48 
2020 1.50 .54 
2050 3.25 1.17 
2100 11.75 4.23 

Exceptions come the rule

The sleeve price of candy must always rise through inflation, this is a given. However, girlfriend don’t constantly have to pay retail. Girlfriend can always buy wholesale, in bulk, on sale or use coupons. In may of 2009 i bought mine specially significant candy bars “2 for $1” (Butterfinger and Baby Ruth), it was nice since I was really paying the retail value of 14 year ago. I also remember in the mid 1990s buying candy on sale at 4 for $1, that’s also a retail value of around 15 year prior. You might not constantly be may be to recognize 15 year or much more off the price yet its nice as soon as you do.