Barbie in the 12 to dance Princesses is a Barbie franchise movie rather based turn off the fairytale “The Twelve to dance Princesses”. It’s about 12 sister that uncover a secret passage in their room come an amazing civilization of dancing and magic. It’s my daughter’s favourite of the Barbie movies. In mine opinion, the names in this movie truly affect the fads of today, and also I can’t help but love every solitary one. These are the names:

Ashlyn:Character- The 21 year old eldest sister. She is the most knowledgeable the the girls and also she take away on the mother role (their mother, Queen Isabella, died). Every girl is provided a mentioned gemstone and also flower, Ashlyn"s gemstone is a garnet and her flower is the geranium.Name- Ashlyn is a sport of the ireland name Aislinn. Ashlyn way dream and in 2010 it to be ranked # 156.My Opinion- I check out Ashlyn having some potential in the south, however if something I watch it decreasing on the popular list. Ashlyn reminds me too lot of the overused name Ashley, however the -lyn ending does offer it potential.

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Blair:Character- The 20 year old second sister. She is exceptionally outspoken and constantly the first to voice her opinion. She loves horses and riding. Her flower is larkspur and her gemstone is a ruby.Name- Blair is of Scottish origin, it means dweller ~ above the plain, and is at this time not ranked in the top 1,000 names.My Opinion- Blair is a an extremely unique name. Ns don’t donate Blair that much, come me that bland. Though I execute see it gaining much very nice in the years to come.

Courtney:Character- The 19 year old sister and is nearby to she elder sisters. She is the shyest of the girls and always seems to have her sleep in a book. She flower is the forget-me-not and also her gemstone is a sapphire.Name- Courtney is that French origin, it means short nose, a really unappealing meaning, and also in 2010 to be ranked as #354.My Opinion- Courtney is a tiny girl name, on the various other hand, it can be a an extremely unique center name. Courtney is for this reason "90’s.

Delia:Character- The 18 year old sister that is an extremely adventurous. She particularly loves sports. Her flower is the sunflower and her gemstone is a eco-friendly peridot.Name- Delia is the Greek origin, it means born ~ above the island the Delos, and is not currently ranked ~ above the height 1,000 names.My Opinion- ns desperately love this name! It’s therefore beautiful and graceful. I actually suggested this surname for my daughter Zhoe, however my husband wanting something a little much more rough. Delia is going to get a many attention, I recognize it!

Edeline:Character- The 17 year old sister. She is very unorganized and additionally enjoys play sports. Her flower is honeysuckle and her gemstone is orange citron.Name- Edeline is a sports of the name Adelaide which way noble, it’s of German origin, and is not at this time ranked in the height 1,000 names.My Opinion- I likewise LOVE this name. Though, I choose Adelaide and Adeline a tiny more. This name is different and unique it’s also starts with an E and also as we all recognize E names are coming to be extremely well-known (ex. Ella, Emma, Eden, Esme, Emerson, etc.)

Fallon:Character- The 16 year old sister. She loves animals and is what friend would contact a usual teenager, she’s boy-crazy and also is a hopeless romantic. She flower is the camellia and also her gemstone is a pearl.Name- Fallon is of irish origins, it way leader, and is not currently ranked in the optimal 1,000 names.My Opinion- Fallon is an extremely unique and under-used. Fallon is fresh and aggressive, it’s acquired attitude and also spunk. I would never taken into consideration this because that my child, but I would certainly hope among my siblings would certainly or a friend. This name has got serious potential.

Genevieve:Character- The 15 year old sister. She is the main character that the movie and also loves to dance the many of all of them. She is the shining irradiate of all the sisters. Her flower is the pink rose and her gemstone is a pink opal.Name- Genevieve is of French origin, it method woman the the people, which is true to the personality the the character, and also in 2010 it was ranked #279.My Opinion- Genevieve is wonderful. This name rings with sophistication and elegance. I truly love this name and also I know it’s going come raise in popularity end the next pair of years. It’s beautiful, i would absolutely use it as a very first or middle name choice for one of my children.

Hadley:Character- The 12 year old sister and also fraternal twin to Isla. She also loves come dance and also is really playful. Her flower is the narcissus and her gemstone is a topaz.Name- Hadley is that English origins, it method healthy field, and also in 2010 to be ranked as #216.My Opinion- Hadley is one of my absolute favorites! i was therefore close to specify name my pair Isobel & Hadley, but my husband assumed it to be too lot of a boys name. I think this name will certainly be in the peak 10 in ~ 5 years. It has actually the attractive -lee ending and also the distinctive beginning.

Isla:Character- The 12 year old sister and also fraternal pair to Hadley. Isla is a skilled acrobat and like her pair she is an extremely playful. Her flower is the lily the the valley and her gemstone is one emerald.Name- Isla is the Scottish place name, Isla is a river in the Scotland. The is currently ranked together #297.My Opinion- I do like this name. Isla is beautiful and also has the ability to be the next Emma. Isla is futuristic and also reminds me that paradise/island. Ns wouldn’t ever think about this name for my child, however it is a name that i wouldn’t mind seeing on a cute little blue-eyed, auburn-haired girl.

Janessa:Character- The 5 year old sister and eldest that the triplets. Janessa loves collecting bugs and also is very tom-boyish. She can additionally be a small bossy. Her flower is the jonquil and also her gemstone is aquamarine.Name- Janessa is another form of the name Jenessa, i m sorry is a newly invented name. Janessa in 2010 to be ranked #554.My Opinion- Janessa is an okay name. It’s acquired some quite things around it. I don’t particularly like it, though.

Kathleen:Character- The 5 year old sister and also middle of the triplets. Kathleen loves art and also enjoys painting. She’s additionally messy choose Edeline and she’s obtained a an extremely down-to-earth personality. Her flower is the daisy and also her gemstone is a diamond.Name- Kathleen is the ireland variation of Katherine, it way pure, and also in 2010 was ranked #595.My Opinion- I need to favor this name because it’s Irish and it’s a kind of my own name! ns would usage this name as a center name, the very first name type is coming to be a tiny out dated.

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Lacey:Character- The 5 year old sister and also youngest the the triplets. Lacey is really close through her enlarge sister Genevieve. She’s very clumsy, timid, and also being the youngest she regularly needs aid with the simplest of things.Name- Lacey is of English origin, it method from Lassy, and in 2010 the name was ranked together #441.My Opinion- ns think this surname is very unique. I would never use it together a surname for mine child, but I did have a sibling that taken into consideration this surname for one of their kids. I think this surname has much more potential than people expect and with Lacey Schwimmer gift on the heavily popular display Dancing with the Stars, ns think this name my gain even more popular.