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<. . . > This create a limb capable of save optimal amounts of energy unlike any type of other bow in the industry. For that reason, the usage of limb placed accessories such as vibration dampeners must be restricted. These specific accessories must NOT it is in mounted much more than 2 inches indigenous the body pockets. Mounting limb accessories an ext than 2 inches away from the pockets, particularly clamping kind accessories, deserve to potentially damages the limbs and also void the warranty. <. . . > Then, rub it gently v your finger or a soft piece of animal leather to work-related the wax right into the strands. ·Bear Archery strongly recommends instead of the bowstring and also cable annually. Please visit your local Bear Archery dealer because that assistance. BOW ADJUSTMENTSPeak attract Weight Adjustment bear Archery bows have a 10 pound top weight adjustment range. If her bow is equipped with limb bolt lock downs, make sure these screws (small single button head screw attached to riser v "tang" protruding from under the body pocket) room loosened before making any kind of weight adjustments. Using a 7/32" hex wrench, revolve the body bolts clockwise to boost peak weight and counterclockwise to minimize peak weight. Bow load will boost or decrease about two to four pounds per turn. Likewise, execute not revolve one body bolt more than two transforms ahead of the other when making adjustments. Bows with limb bolt lockdowns: After every tuning adjustments have been made; connect the limb bolt lock under screws. Screws must be snug versus the body pocket "tang". 1112BOW ADJUSTMENTSCAM ADJUSTMENTSAdjusting attract Length ­ Perimeter weighted Modular single Cam The perimeter weighted solitary cam has actually a modular draw length adjustment. Most draw length adjustments have the right to be made without the usage of a bow press. Draw length transforms are make by simply an altering modules and also moving the draw stop. Accessory modules are obtainable from your neighborhood Bear Archery dealer in one-inch attract length increments. Every module is numbered, with #10 being the longest attract length and also #4 gift the shortest. To change modules eliminate the socket head lid screws indigenous the present module, eliminate that module and replace with a brand-new module. USE just RH changed, the attract stop must likewise be moved to the matching setting marked on the cam. Attract stop have to be positioned so the the side marked "OUT" faces out. MODULES ON ideal HAND CAMS and also LH MODULES on LH CAMS!When a module isCounterClockwise Decreases height Weight limb Bolt AssemblyClockwise rises Peak WeightLimb Bolt Lockdown flavor & ScrewAdditionally, fine draw length adjustments of ½ inch have the right to be make by removing the bowstring indigenous the traditional "dot" string post and also reattaching it to one of two people the "+" or "-" string write-ups on the cam. Relocating the string come the "+" short article will increase attract length by ½" and also moving the string to the "-" article will decrease draw length by ½". To make such adjustments, the is first necessary to remove tension from the harness mechanism of the bow through compressing the bow in a bow press. Under NO circumstances deserve to this relaxing of the harness mechanism be achieved by just backing the end limb bolts. Describe the pictures on the following page for extr reference. 1314CAM ADJUSTMENTSModule number "+" PostCAM ADJUSTMENTSAdjusting attract Length ­ Modular solitary Cam The modular single cams have a modular draw length adjustment. Most attract length adjustments deserve to be made without the use of a bow press. <. . . > Bow vouch Registration: because that this guarantee to be in effect, the on-line warranty registration procedure must be completed at BearArcheryProducts. Com and submitted in ~ 30 job of purchase. Youth Bows: 90 Day minimal Warranty to the initial owner. XMultiply through 5 Grains every Pound=Minimum Safe arrowhead Weight (Grains)Shooting arrows listed below these minimum weight requirements will void the warranty. Using arrows below five grains per pound of top weight can approach dry-fire conditions and can severely mitigate the life of her bow, and also may reason serious injury. Contact your regional Bear Archery agree shop or arrowhead manufacturers for arrow selection recommendations. <. . .

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