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This is about a next by sideIs rubber stamp laminated barrel mean that that is a damascus barrels..Some damascus barrel have actually a design and some present angle twist... But a couple of do not seam to have these marks and also the include still claims damascus twist. How can I tell because that sure.. Is over there a phone call tale authorize to look because that on every damascus barrels..Does liquid steel average not damascus barrels..thank friend stano
It to be a means to do barrels cheap to contend with Damascus barrels in the 1890 to 1900 timeframe.It is entirely different from either Damascus barrels, or the at an early stage "fluid steel" barrels. They are normally taken into consideration UNSAFE and also DANGEROUS to shoot with modern shells.

This will help BobK. Regrettably Twist barrels of negative to very good quality were frequently significant "Laminated", by Belgian and English makers and also U.S. Importers. True Laminated stole is one entirely different pattern welded product, and English finest Laminated stole was the winner the the 1891 Birmingham Proof residence Trial ... TPYVA/edit ... M/www/homeRichard Baxter (1615-1691), Directions against Covetousness"Be much more careful to use what girlfriend have, 보다 to acquire more."Kingsley Brown "Shoot more, shop less."
To answer her last question: YES, liquid steel markings ~ above a shaotgun barrel indicate it is not twist or damascus.The security of twist and also damascus barrels is a complex topic, and not for beginners. Nevertheless, numerous of us "old timers" consistently shoot (and hunt with) damascus, laminated, and also twist barrels, using distinct low-pressure handloads.gold40
I viewed the web links from attracted Hause and also i think i understand damascus and also laminated and twist.but exactly how is fluid steel made.....for a starting person on next by sides what is the saftey that damascus laminated and the twisted pole rated.... And also what is the saftey of the liquid steel...thank friend stano
I to be at scheels tonight and also asked about hammer side by sides. They said they would only trade in (I forgot already) either AEE or EAA guns. If ns make any sence for anybody ~ above this what room these kind of side by sides..

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Do every old hammer side by sides have damascus or laminated or twisted barrels.. Is over there a enlarge hammer side by side the would have actually safe barrels....Our totality family shoot clays, Mom and also two daughter and also boyfreind and also husband...We all have our shotguns and decided to shot our luck v side through sides... We have actually one next by side hammerless now and also would like to try a vintage hammer next by side... However would want saftey first if possible.....Oh problay would favor the price if possible under $500.00thank you stano
Fluid stole barrels were before 1900. All the American standard makers had them.There are companies making contemporary hammer weapons also; Bernardelli, Beretta etc. Yet they room four figure guns.The Sweedish hammer Huskvarnas are very tough firearms although lock haven"t to be made due to the fact that the 50s. I wouldn"t be afraid to shooting trap lots all job in any Husky made since 1930 that was in decent shape, even with the 12s having 2 1/2" chambers. Just be certain the barrels space nice and shiney and look closely for any type of pits. Being you room inexperienced; pole with liquid steel.Also inspect for looseness. With the pistol closed take it the forearm off and grab the pistol by the end of the barrels v butt near the floor; shake back and soon in a twisting motion and listen for any type of noise. If it"s loosened you will hear like a loaf clunk.Go ~ above Gunbroker; click on side by sides and also then search "hammer"
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