IMAX theatre are recognize for their massively huge screens, outstanding sound systems, and stadium format seating. I saw my first IMAX movie in las Vegas years ago. Back then, no one of the key stream block buster titles were reflecting at IMAX. Just PBS layout nature and also science films were showing. My believe was this to be mostly because IMAX required a special format of projector mechanism far beyond the size and also scope the those offered in Hollywood at the time. However, in the last couple of years, the seems countless if not all, main movie titles are being presented in IMAX. Maybe this is because most brand-new movies are being shot in digital formats which are much more easily scaled to the IMAX formats. Regardless, i was much more than enjoyment to watch Avatar in IMAX 3D a variety of times.

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IMAX Color Coded Chairs

For the larger IMAX theaters, you’ll notification two colors of chairs, one shade will be because that the parameter chairs along the edges. The other shade of chairs overcome the theater. During some films, the IMAX staff come out and gave a linguistic intro and explained that the parameter colored chairs to be considered poor seating for the 3D experience, but fine for 2D. Actually, every Avatar screening I saw was sold out, but only the burgundy fancy chairs were marketed out and the gray parameter chairs were not even sold.

Choosing the Optimal Seat because that 3D

As one could guess, the optimal location to sit for any type of IMAX movie, 3D or regular 2D, is directly in the middle and about four or 5 rows native the back. This will put your city hall location directly in the middle of the screen. When sitting in this location, the 3D results are stunning, sound is incredible, and the totality film will certainly be required to a greater level the enjoyment. Is it precious coming come the film at an early stage for these seats? In mine opinion, definitely! for Avatar I verified up at the very least 70 to 80 minute prior to show time. Also when getting here this early, there were at least a dozen civilization there prior to me. However, i was maybe to gain optimal seat in the sweet spot.

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As soon as I come 40 minute early, i often ended up sitting off-center. The seats to be still acceptable, but I would have actually gladly proved up 20 minutes earlier for element seats.

Seating Position 1: probably the worst position (see below)Seating Position 2: Optimal is facility from this position and also backwardSeating Position 3: A little bit too closeSeating Position 4: yes viewing, 3D results will be slightly much less pronounced