Nerf Guns: fifty percent awesome fun, half picking up foam bullets. Truth of the matter is, the shade schemes are about as menacing as a rainbow. With bright colors and also a chunky frame, you Nerf-emies will watch you comin’ a mile away.

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But what if you can paint her toy pistol arsenal to make it strike fear into the hearts of your opponents? because that years, Nerf enthusiasts have actually been painting and also modifying their toy blasters to lvel-up their look, and with this Nerf gun Painting guide from the Nerf pistol Center, you can too.

The overview is 11 chapters, each with comprehensive videos, images, and also the step-by-step to revolve your yellow blaster into a military-looking pistol through custom stock and also suppressor. Let’s go through the process:

1. Sanding your Nerf Gun


Pretty simple, this one. Starting with a 100-grit sandpaper and finishing through a 220-grit, girlfriend will progressively whittle down the paint about your Nerf gun. This renders the surface much less glossy and also slick and also makes it a lot much easier to repaint afterwards.

2. Usage A Dremel tool to Blast Marks


To proceed the whittling down process, use a Dremel tool at low rate to blast the end the Nerf logo, overfill markings, and give your gun a dirty, provided look. Unlike any kind of base Nerf gun, you desire your custom develop to look favor it’s been through a war in which world use really bullets.

3. Clean The total Afterwards


With all that dust and also residue native the sanding, you’ll want to use a soapy sponge and also some water come wash your Nerf total clean. Friend can also use a toothbrush to reach those cramped locations before wiping it every down v a micro-fiber cloth or airing it out to dry.

4. Spray part Primer


Any great paint job starts by applying some primer together a base, so lay her blaster parts on a piece of wood and spray a few thin class of the stuff everywhere them. The wood board renders it less complicated to turn the parts and also spray lock from different angles, cutting down on hand contact with the individual pieces.

5. Use A base Coat of Paint


Now friend can ultimately get come painting. Depending upon what appearance you want your Nerf gun to have, spraying it either white or black first will have actually varying results.

Spraying the blaster black color with result in the much more metallic look you see in actual guns. Spraying that white at the same time makes that look more like a sci-fi an are blaster. No issue which coat girlfriend choose, either one will finish up looking method cooler 보다 the basic Nerf colors.

6. Location Some Tape for The Accents

With your base coat down and also dried, you can now tape around the blaster to prepared it because that the accents. These tape strips provide an easy stencil to repaint over and also reduces the threat of the 2nd and 3rd colors running off and also bleeding right into the base coat.

7. Spray top top The interval Coat

Unlike the base coat where you can kind of spray willy-nilly, applying the accent coat demands a lot more finesse and control to avoid it indigenous damaging the remainder of the paintjob. Make certain the overspray access time the pieces of ice you put in the previously step.

Should you mess up (and you will certainly mess up), you must wait for it come dry first and retouch it later when putting on the last details.

8. Misting The Gun

Using two contrasting colors, girlfriend can create a misted shade which dulls the end the bright of the paint and also gives the Nerf gun a much more muted look. Misting additionally helps add texture to your blaster’s surfaces, making the look much more like a real gun instead of something made of plastic.

9. Usage Stencils to include Decals

If girlfriend don’t have the sources to professionally laminate a piece of paper, friend can achieve a comparable effect by covering your architecture in clean packaging tape, cutting the sample out through an X-ACTO blade, and also placing the on the area of the blaster you desire to spray the on.

Once the stencil is on, you deserve to use a tiny brush or sponge to apply your preferred paint ~ above the blaster. Lightly dab (not brush) the color onto the stencil while firmly holding it in place.

10. Add Details to The Nerf Gun

There are plenty of ways to include extra details to the blaster once it’s been painted, however for this guide they usage a paint referred to as Rub ‘n Buff which offers the total a much more aged look. This paint is rather expensive so come mimic the same impact on a cheaper level, you have the right to use 2 acrylic paints blended with a clear polyacrylic finish.

This is likewise the step where you have the right to fix her mistakes through the interval painting. If the paint has run off into the base coat, lightly paint over it with the base colors.

11. End up Off with A clean Coat

To finish every little thing off, spray a clean coat over the whole Nerf pistol to keep the perfect paintjob. Picking your clear coat mainly depends on even if it is you want a shine on your gun or not, therefore make sure to plan as necessary before spraying over your work.

Just like with the primer, you have the right to place the Nerf gun on a wooden board to make it simpler to spray the from various angles.

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As pointed out earlier, this is just review of the comprehensive guide friend can discover on the Nerf Gun facility webpage. Follow the steps there and you’ll have a professional, totally-not-plastic-looking Nerf gun to intimidate your family and friends v in no time!

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