When she was pregnant with daughter Blue Ivy, the pop star appeared on American TV show 20/20 wearing blue Alexander McQueen leggings.

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Fans think Beyonce's earrings hold a clue about the gender of her unborn twin babiesCredit: www.beyonce.historicsweetsballroom.comm

At the time, some people thought it was a clue about the sex of her baby - and started wondering if she was expecting a boy.

However, it later became clear that the leggings were a hint about Blue's name.

Jump forward to her latest pregnancy, and Beyonce and husband Jay Z's expectant twins, and now people reckon her outfit is a giveaway once again.


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New pictures of the Lemonade star, released on her website, show her posing in a tight-fitting little black dress, with a choker and over-the-knee boots.

However, it's the singer's earrings which have got everybody talking - because she's recycled them from her If I Were A Boy video.

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The rumour mill soon went into overdrive with speculation that Queen Bey was expecting not one but two little lads.

Beyoncé is Having BOYS.... BEYONCÉ is having BOYS.