Result that the experiment-I recurring my chosen experiment three times for further accuracy and the outcomes were fairly close come one another. I discovered that my hypothesis was exact to the result of my three trials together the powdered tablet computer took the least amount of time to fully dissolve in the water whereas the tablet computer which was whole took the most amount of time to dissolve. On typical the time because that the different sized tablets to dissolve were-Whole tablet - 1.08 minutesHalf tablet -1.04 minutesQuarter tablet - 1.03 minutesPowdered tablet- 16 secondsWhy does a crushed or powdered link dissolve faster in water 보다 a totality compound?The factor why the smaller pieces that the tablet computer did dissolve much faster than the larger pieces was since once ns had damaged them right into smaller pieces they took up an ext surface area in the glass , enhancing the surface area the a reactant in this case theAlka-seltzer tablets outcomes in a fasterreaction time as presented in mine experiment.The smaller the reactant it s okay the an ext surface area the takes up as it is the very same amount at the bigger pieces except the piece are lot smaller here therefore spreading more. As they were little they take it up much more space sothey reacted much more easily and quickly than they would if they were larger. Thepowderedtablet go dissolve faster than the whole tablet, due to the fact that while a powder can contact almost all of the water at once as the tablet at was damaged down, a tablet computer can only contact the water on its surface.What led to the reaction in between the tablet and the water?The core ingredients in the Alka-Seltzer tablets i supplied are aspirin, citric acid, and also sodium bicarbonate.Once the salt bicarbonate dissolved in water, that dissociated meaning it split apart into sodium and also bicarbonate ions.

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The bicarbonate reacts through hydrogen ion from the citric acid to kind carbon dioxide and also water.

Results in a table-This reflects the temperature of the water at the time the experiment take it place and also the reactant time for every the 3 trials i didAs you deserve to see native the details on the table the powdered tablet computer dissolved the more quickly time and also as we move up the table and also the pieces get larger the time it takes for the tablet to dissolve likewise increases.Did the warmth of the water matter?Temperature is pertained to the time of reaction in my experimentthe greater the temperature, the faster the molecules move; the lower the temperature, the slow they move. The temperature of a equipment is a measure up of its molecules’ average motion and energy.