Ciel’s well known Robin Dress™ REDESIGNED

As the Kuroshitsuji series continues, historic accuracy has actually gone method up thanks to Yana’s consulting of a victor Era expert. In the earliest chapters however, that seemed prefer Yana didn’t even have a clue what English people wore in the 1880s, and just googled some lolita dresses and also slapped lock onto she characters.

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Costume-wise, the many iconic one of the collection is definitely O!Ciel’s well known Robin dress (I mean, which various other costume has actually an actual name that’s googleable?) This dress however, is really a historical amalgamation of all sorts, and also knowing Yana, she most likely would not have actually gone because that this design today.

Let us break this costume under from optimal to bottom inside I research the historic inaccuracies, and also how i propose to “correct” this while do the efforts to keep as much of the original architecture intact as possible.

I do know Yana’s problem though; O!Ciel can not an extremely much wear an eye patch together a appropriate lady, for this reason what to carry out to conceal the contract sign? you think Victorian, and you think HATS👒🎩

I threw myself right into a research study hole to shot find an alternate solution, yet the results were rather disappointing. Victorians to be not an alleged to have actually anything dangling prior to their deals with (Frances is right), since that was considered negative grooming. Veils ended up being my just option, though people usually did no wear veils uneven for wedding or spiritual ceremonies.

But one poor option is better than no alternative at all, so veil that was. Paired with a couple of curls in former of his best eye and some lace, the contract seal can be extended up quite well (as long as that wouldn’t relocate too much).


Choker ribbon necklaces were worn by civilization in the 1880s, yet they were not standard for sophisticated night time events. However, as it was technically no historically ‘inaccurate’, it deserve to stay.


For the services of streamlining I have actually made the optimal ruffles smaller and added an ext panels to the middle part according come the tendency of pleated bertha collar.


Fashion is something that constantly gets revisited (see all the neo-XXX trends), so 900 years outdated does not necessarily have to be a problem. However, due to the fact that the moment people discovered the technique to make a proper waist seam, lock ditched the unstructured means of tailoring, and it would not really come ago until the 1900s.

An unstructured waist-line was thought about the elevation of sloppy figure in O!Ciel’s time, and would do the keep going look choose a complete amateur whose an abilities fell literal centuries behind.


(Imagine going come an official occasion in 2020 and looking choose this.)


A large skirt choose that that the initial design combined with the swagged design was something that was only briefly well-known in the Rococo Era, i beg your pardon was around 150 years old by O!Ciel’s time.


If not hidden or gathered with an intricate ornaments, then the swagged fabric would have been heaved lot higher, coming together close to the waist.

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Technically the pair of shoes are rather Victorian Era accurate, yet boots were outdoor shoes, and generally no THAT high heeled due to the fact that they were essentially made for a little bit of walking. Because that formal events people would not have worn boots (we don’t carry out that either in 2020). Instead, the suitable shoes because that under a gown were pumps.


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