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Last night I witnessed the illustration of Bluebear obtaining canned for his shenangans. Sad story, but, he acquired what he deserved. My mam was city hall too, and she was even much more happy 보다 I was. Bluebear never did obtain the article that Boyd to be trying to teach him. Young child learning, should have actually kept his mind open instead of being difficult headed. I agree through Boyd, being safe structure the car with a boxed frame. Mikes crew take it up an additional project (model A truck) that seemed to me walking the very same direction Bluebear headed. Mike didn"t want to box that frame either. Wow, boxing a framework in my opinion would make that ride so much better, however I just don"t acquire why they firmly insist on acquisition Boyds advice. Ns did see Beetle Bailey tho on the show. Perhaps this episode was before he left Coddington garage. Scot
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When the show first came out I believed it to be kinda lame. I"ve enjoyed some of the illustration since, especially the build up that the "56. I"m going to try and present the episode through Bluebear"s dismissal come my kids as an item lesson. You don"t bite the hand that feeds you. I"m assuming over there is information and history we don"t know, yet it really does seem choose a horribly wasted opportunity. BTW - i think Mike to be kidding around not boxing the frame.
The job went come Bluebears head and he simply did no know how to address it. Boyd to be of no aid as every he did to be "tell" Bluebear what come do and not explaining the factor behind it. Even though this was a repeat, ns did notice Charley was in the very first of the segments and also not in this one. Beetle complied with Charley soon after Charley departed. Boyd was ideal IMHO, but he should have actually sat down v Bluebear to occupational it out. Oh well, this is just one more lesson in life. Hurray for the other guys on the 28 truck. What teamwork.
Daddy"s warm Rod. :laugh:
I caught part of the show last night yet did not watch it all. So, walk Bluebear gain axed in ~ the an extremely beginning of the episode?Did Mike end up the design A truck? the was only a 1 hour episode and ended without them finishing the truck with time for the Kentucky show.

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Scott...I think Mike was just making a joke when he said that.As much as Boyd not spelling out why he want the frame boxed...I disagree. Exactly how do you define the apparent to a cement head who won"t listen. The chassis was designed to take it 65 to 75 horsepower. The was no designed to have actually a flat-head in it, therefore, the structure needs to it is in boxed. Nuff said. It doesn"t have to be explained any further.He"s a dumb kid. Blew the oppurtunity that a lifetime. Not just the vehicle but the suffer of working for Boyd"s warm Rods. I think that threw his weight approximately on that project because his Dad provided to work for Boyd Coddington and also is a friend of his and also he thought he might get away v it.By the way...Beetle Bailey and also Charley are currently working for Chip Foose.Blue Bear now works because that Jimmy White at "Circle City hot Rods".