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Last night I observed the episode of Bluebear obtaining canned for his shenangans. Sad story, however, he obtained what he deoffered. My wife was watching too, and she was even even more happy than I was. Bluebear never before did obtain the message that Boyd was trying to teach him. Young son finding out, have to have kept his mind open up rather of being hard headed. I agree with Boyd, being safe building the auto via a boxed frame. Mikes crew took up one more task (model A truck) that appeared to me going the same direction Bluebear headed. Mike didn"t desire to box that structure either. Wow, boxing a framework in my opinion would certainly make it ride so much better, but I simply do not gain why they urge on taking Boyds advice. I did watch Beetle Bailey still on the present. Maybe this episode was prior to he left Coddington garage. Scot
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When that display first came out I assumed it was kinda lame. I"ve appreciated some of the episodes since, particularly the build up of the "56. I"m going to attempt and show the episode with Bluebear"s dismissal to my kids as a things lesboy. You don"t bite the hand that feeds you. I"m assuming there is information and history we don"t understand, but it really does seem favor a horribly wasted possibility. BTW - I think Mike was kidding around not boxing the frame.
The project visited Bluebears head and also he just did not understand how to attend to it. Boyd was of no assist as all he did was "tell" Bluebear what to do and also not explaining the factor behind it. Even though this was a repeat, I did notification Charley remained in the initially of the segments and also not in this one. Beetle complied with Charley quickly after Charley departed. Boyd was ideal IMHO, but he should have actually sat down with Bluebear to job-related it out. Oh well, this is just another lesson in life. Hurray for the various other males on the 28 truck. What participation.
Daddy"s Hot Rod. :laugh:
I recorded part of the show last night but did not see it all. So, did Bluebear get axed at the incredibly beginning of the episode?Did Mike complete the Model A truck? It was only a 1 hour episode and also finished without them finishing the truck in time for the Kentucky display.

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Scott...I think Mike was simply making a joke once he shelp that.As much as Boyd not spelling out why he wanted the structure boxed...I disagree. How execute you explain the apparent to a cement head that won"t listen. The chassis was designed to take 65 to 75 horsepower. It was not designed to have actually a flat-head in it, therefore, the frame requirements to be boxed. Nuff said. It does not need to be defined any type of additionally.He"s a dumb boy. Blew the oppurtunity of a life time. Not just the vehicle but the experience of functioning for Boyd"s Hot Rods. I think he threw his weight roughly on that job because his Dad used to occupational for Boyd Coddington and is a friend of his and he believed he can gain away with it.By the way...Beetle Bailey and also Charley are now functioning for Chip Foose.Blue Bear now works for Jimmy White at "Circle City Hot Rods".