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experimenting The Gullah culture

Boone hall is the only plantation in the S.C. Lowcountry to current a live presentation the this unique culture adapted by afri slaves.

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house Tours

The mansion the exists on Boone hall Plantation this day was built in 1936 by Canadian ambassador Thomas stone as component of the second Wave that Reconstruction. Guided tourism of the an initial floor allow guests to see how this Georgian-designed home blends recovered materials and antique furnishings to recreate an environment that would have actually surrounded a coastal Carolina planter’s family and also his guests.

Plantation Tractor tourism

Take a 30 -40 minute motorized tour about the entire 738 acres that consist of the plantation. You will see and learn around the background of Boone Hall and also experience how it remains a functioning farm today. This is a visitant favorite.

Black history In America exhibit

The critically acclaimed me guided tour is on display in nine original slave cabins year round.

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Slave background Presentation

A tour overview presents a historical look at the living quarters, historical relics, and also lifestyle of slaves that lived at Boone Hall.

Garden tourism

Our garden is a showcase of shade year round through plants and also flowers for the Spring/Summer, Fall, and also Winter seasons. Among the main attributes of our garden are antique roses that space over 100 year old.

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Butterfly Pavilion

See many different varieties of Butterflies on display and also witness the different stages of your life cycle. These colorful butterflies fly openly in a butterfly garden for visitors to suffer these beautiful creatures in their herbal element.

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Daily operations in ~ Boone room Plantation & Gardens room posted in ~ the entrance and are plainly visible as soon as purchasing admission to the plantation. However, if you were no able to experience any of the attractions the were posted for that day, please contact a Boone room representative and a “Second Day” ticket will certainly be issued come you at no added charge. The ownership and also management the Boone room Plantation & Gardens desires all our visitors to have actually an enjoyable and also positive experience during their time top top the plantation.

For questions, please call Boone hall Plantation in ~

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Boone hall is also one the America"s oldest still functioning farms.

experimenting the Gullah culture

The history of the previous is important. The distinction is in exactly how that background is presented.

“Exploring The Gullah Culture” is a unique presentation where that difference can be experienced first hand. Boone hall is the just plantation in the Charleston area to current a live presentation of this unique society adapted by african slaves.

True progeny of the Gullah human being present the background of this society through storytelling, song, and dance the is at times educational, at time entertaining, and at times…very moving and also emotional.

These Gullah females share uplifting spiritual messages of love and understanding of how through overcoming the hardships the the past have carried them to a better place today.

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Learn around our Gullah Luncheon

Read a Visitor’s an initial Hand Gullah Experience

“We need to leave the divisiveness that the past behind in bespeak to move forward and also claim the future.”

Ms. Gloria FordGullah Presenter

America’s many photographed Plantation. Come check out why.


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