This is a song which relies heavily on a shtick, if girlfriend will. Yes, that is in reality named “If U look for Amy”. And as with other conventional pop songs, the title renders an illustration in the chorus. But as soon as Britney states it she go so yes, really fast, in a method in which “if you look for Amy” in reality comes out sounding choose is ‘F-*-*-K me’.

Yes, it is in fact a moderately-clever gimmick, however one that didn’t gain by critics in ~ all. For instance, the Parents television Council tried come shut the track down. Indeed for whatever unknown reason plenty of parents at the moment were still under the impression that Britney Spears to be a family-friendly musician, even though this monitor is featured all the way on her sixth album, and also she was a controversial artist from day one.

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But in their defense, “If U seek Amy” has been called the raunchiest song the Princess of Pop had actually released up till that point. For instance, on height of the above wordplay, the would appear that she romantic interest in this song, the titular “Amy”, is a other female. 

That is come say that on the surface, the lyrics have the right to be interpreted as alluding to lesbianism. Indeed concerning the afore-referenced line in the chorus, what it actually reads in its entirety is “all the the boys and girls space begging to, if you look for Amy”.

So homonym-wise, it comes off together if Brit is speak ‘all the boys and girls room begging come F-*-*-K me’. Or more to the point, she is acknowledging that both males and also females have tendency to be sexually attracted to her. In truth said line, together taken literally, i.e. Together the lyrics actually read, doesn’t even make sense.

Who is Amy?

And on that note, it should additionally be discussed that “Amy” likewise obviously no a actual person. For example, no one portrays claimed character Amy on the music video. Rather, she is the representation of some various other idea. And every things thought about (i.e. The music video clip and all), what that is she’s representing would apparently be sex.

So as much as twin entendres go, when the vocalist is out ‘seeking Amy’, it is another way of saying that she’s ‘looking because that sex’. Or at the very least that appears to be the simplest means to try to explain the text in their entirety.

So in ~ the end of the day, Britney knows that some world ‘love her’, while others ‘hate her’. But she cool one of two people way, gift able to revel in her sex-related attractiveness, i m sorry is so solid that the appeals to both sexes.


Music Video

The music video clip to this track was filmed in a California seaside ar known as Pacific Palisades. It was directed by brothers filmographer Jake Nava. This filmographer previously hosted down the same role for Britney Spears’ 2004 covering of “My Prerogative”.

The storyline the the clip climaxes ~ above the idea the the signer leading a twin life. She appears as a timeless housewife top top the outside yet she’s sort of a sex feen on the inside. And it attributes references to 2 of Britney’s front music videos, “…Baby One much more Time” (1998) and “Piece of Me” (2007).

Facts around “If U look for Amy”

This is the third solitary from Britney Spears’ fight album “Circus” (2008). And it was released by Jive Records and also Zomba records to serve that objective on 10 march 2009.

But it wasn’t the brand themselves that made the decision to execute so. Rather a poll to be held on Britney Spears’ website in early-December that 2008, where fans to be tasked with selecting the album’s third solitary (“Circus” had already come out around a week prior to that). And this is the track that they made decision (with 26% the the votes).

This track was created by the ubiquitous Max Martin. And Martin, a continuous Britney collaborator, also co-wrote the song with the following:

ShellbackSavan Kotecha Alexander Kronlund

Additionally Martin offers background vocals to “If U look for Amy”, alongside another Swedish artist that goes by the surname of Kinnda.

It has actually been detailed that the “if you see kay” shtick, together it is called, to be not invented by the writers of this song. Rather musicians have actually been utilizing it because that decades. That even days all the means back come a track the so late Memphis Slim (1915-1988) reduce in 1963 the is actually entitled “If You view Kay”.

Concerning the aforementioned controversy that surrounded this song, what it eventually led to to be Britney and also co. Comes out v an edited, radio-friendly version of “If U seek Amy”, i m sorry is instead entitled “If U view Amy”.

And if we’re ~ above the topic of this track offending people, co-writer Savan Kotecha, despite growing up in Texas, originates from a timeless Indian background family-wise. And as soon as his parents heard “If U look for Amy”, they were upset that the participated in such a thing.


Chart performance of “If U seek Amy”

“If U seek Amy” was only a moderate success as much as Britney Spears’ singles go. What that method is the yes, it to be a worldwide hit, charting in nations as diverse as Israel and Russia and in end 20 nations overall.

But it didn’t sell like a gazillion copies, having actually moved slightly under 1,300,000 devices stateside.

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But ultimately third singles prefer these are usually released to buttress the revenue of the album in general. And “Circus” itself walk sell like a gazillion duplicates – or an ext specifically 4,000,000 of them together of 2012.

Also it put Britney ago on top of the Billboard 200 after she previous album, “Blackout” (2008, i m sorry peaked at number 2) failure to execute so.