If the machine makes a grind or clicking noise once warming up or printing, follow the steps below to resolve:

1. Publish the User settings by pressing Menu, Print Reports, User Settings, Start.

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- If the grind or clicking noise does no occur, go to action 2 of the solution: Grinding/clicking noise as soon as copying or scanning

- If grinding or clicking noise have the right to be heard while the page feeds, go to step 2.

2. Open up the former cover and remove the drum and also toner.

3. Eliminate the toner cartridge native the drum by pushing down the environment-friendly lock lever and lifting the toner out.

4. Revolve the Brother an equipment around through the back of the maker facing you and also open the behind cover.

5. Open up the fuser cover by pressing the environment-friendly tabs top top the left and right in the direction of you.

If you have actually just offered the machine, some components inside the machine are extremely hot.

6. Behind the Fuser Cover friend will have the ability to see the pressure Roller (a huge black roller v wrinkles on either end). Above the press Roller is the warmth Film i beg your pardon looks prefer a huge brown roller.

- Verify if one of two people the black push Roller or the brown warmth Film take it or cut, or if it appears that part of heat Film is missing.

Wrinkles in the surface of the black push Roller are an intentional component of the design and also should not be mistaken for damage.


- If either the press Roller or the warm Film is damaged or has a piece missing proceed to WARRANTY and SERVICE OPTIONS.

- If both parts are not damaged, nearby both covers and go to action 7.

7. Download the north unit into the machine without the toner cartridge in it and close the former cover.

- If the grind or clicking noise occurs, the drum unit is the reason of the noise. The drum unit (DR720) will have to be changed to resolve this issue.

- If the grinding or click noise does not take place when the north unit is installed into the machine, continue to the next step.

8. Open the front cover and also remove the drum from the machine.

9. Reinstall the toner cartridge right into the north unit until you hear that lock into place. If you placed it in properly, the lock lever will elevator automatically.

10. Download the drum and also toner assembly right into the an equipment and near the prior cover.

- If the grind or click noise occurs, the toner cartridge is the cause. The toner (TN720 or TN750) will should be replaced to solve this issue.

- If the grind or click noise does not occur, we room unable come reproduce the customer"s reported issue. Document the outcome and also end the call.


If the device still has actually no power after connecting it come a recognized working outlet,Check the warranty status of your an equipment by clicking on the machine Warranty Calculator.

If in warranty, contact Brother Customer support or situate a brother Authorized service Center to schedule product replacement or repair.

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If out of warranty, locate a brother Authorized business Center. Repair fees might use for out-of-warranty products.