An oldish puzzle, yet I recently saw a variation of it that is contempt different and am having a hell that a time convincing mine lover that the answer. Prove me right,! The variation is: Brothers and also sisters I have actually none, however that man's dad is my father's son. Who am I?


The riddler is the man's father. Reasoning: because of lack the siblings, "my father's son" is simply "me".

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Right? In the various other version of the puzzle, "that man" was identified as someone in a photo and the concern asked is "who is in the picture?" no "who to be I?" because "that man" is not determined at every in this version, mine lover postulated that he may be looking in a winter or at a picture of himself, in which situation the answer would be different. I do not see the puzzle functioning at all in the scenario, that becomes pure nonsense when you break it down..

The very first section is simply a declare of fact.

Brothers and also sisters I have actually none

So the riddler has actually no brothers or sisters.

In the second statement, we have to look in ~ both parts:

that man's father

Who is he talk about? Let say he is stop a photo of a man. Us will refer to this male as M. Thus, "that man's father" is M's father.

is my father's son

So M's dad is my (riddler's) father's son.

We understand that the riddler has actually no brothers, therefore the riddler's father's kid is the riddler. Thus, M's father is the riddler.

Thus, M (that man) is the riddler's son.

So looking at the riddle again in different words.

This photo of a man here has actually a father. And also father is mine father's son, which is me due to the fact that I have actually no brothers and also sisters. Thus, i am holding a picture of my very own son.

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Haha, this riddle is in reality in the Simpsons at one point

Moe: "Brothers and sisters have I none, yet this man's father is mine father's son. Huh? Ah screw girlfriend ya stupid thing. He is mine son.. The blows!"

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Created Feb 9, 2008


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