20 degreeF, therefore don"t think your 250,000 Btu heater is to run properly even on a100# tank. In ~ 20 degree F, you must manifold at least three 100# tanksfor maximum output.Tank sizing for heaters is very hard to know if you room not familiarwith it. To do it a tiny easier to understand, just figure 75,000 Btuper 100# tank. Therefore if you have actually a 150,000 Btu heater, you must use two100# tanks manifold together. If you have actually a full 20# tank and want to runa heater, the biggest heater you have the right to run correctly at 20 degrees F is 45,000Btu"s.As you see in the graph below, in ~ 0 degree F, you only get 113,000 Btuwhen the 100# tank is full. When the tank is at 50% full you gain 64,000Btu. As soon as you have a heater that appears to be functioning great, however you can not feel lot heat, the is because the tank is short on fuel. You can sometimestell by looking at the tanks frost line.

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Vaporization Rate100 LB Propane Cylinders (approximate)Maximum continuous Draw In BTU every Hour At miscellaneous TemperaturesIn degrees F.
Lbs. The Propane in Cylinder0 level F1 Tank20 level F1 Tank0 degree F2 Tanks20 degree F2 Tanks0 level F3 Tanks20 degree F3 Tanks
Hose Sizing
For high pressure heaters that use 1/4" hose, you can use 1/4" hoseup to 25 ft,you should use every 3/8" hose up to 75 ft, you need to use every 1/2" hosefrom 100 come 150 ft.For low pressure heaters that usage 3/8" hose, usage 3/8" approximately 50 ft,and usage 1/2" for 75 ft to 150 ft.for short pressure herbal Gas Heaters 150k and smaller, usage 1/2" hoseup to 50 ft, 3/4" hose up to 150 ft..LP Conversion8.547 cu. Ft. Every pound4.24 lbs. In gallon36.45 cu.

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Ft. Per gallon