If you're analysis this, girlfriend probably have actually a bunch the 3DS games lying around. You likewise probably have actually a 2DS. So, have the right to you pat Nintendo 3DS gamings on a 2DS?


Backward-compatibility isn't something the is generally discussed in the video game world. After ~ all, why would certainly it be? Most video game systems room designed to encourage players to re-buy plenty of of their favorite games out that necessity.

However, times have been slowly changing. Designers are beginning to realize the we're losing video game history by not providing backward-compatible systems.

Video game developers are also beginning to realize that including extra attributes of upgraded graphics through every game console iteration isn't always something players desire to watch happen.

These days, part consoles do enable players come play older gamings on lock — detailed they have the right accessories to do them compatible, anyway. The Nintendo 2DS is one of the most well-known handheld game consoles in current years, and it's the followup come the 3DS.

If you love retro gaming, then you're most likely reading this wondering if you deserve to play Nintendo 3DS games on a 2DS. We decided to find out if it's doable. Here's the scoop every gamer need to know.

Yes, it's feasible to pat Nintendo 3DS gamings on a 2DS.

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The folks in ~ Nintendo do a suggest to make certain that all her favorite 3DS games didn't protect against being your faves by make the more recent Nintendo 2DS present backward-compatible.

So, you have the right to play Nintendo 3DS games on a 2DS v ease. Friend can also play castle on a 2DS XL, a 3DS XL, and regular Nintendo 3DS systems. But, that's no the only perk we found out around Nintendo's new stance ~ above backward-compatibility, either.

According to organization Insider, you can also play Nintendo DS and also Nintendo DSi gamings on newer systems together well. For human being who enjoy really old games, this alone is factor to update to the brand-new Nintendo 2DS.

However, there is a little caveat you can want to be aware of as soon as you play Nintendo 3DS gamings on a 2DS...


The huge attraction to the Nintendo 3DS was the reality that it was a 3D video game console. 3D gameplay is cool, and being able to see Pikachu pop the end of the screen will never acquire old. That's why we still love the finest Nintendo 3DS games involving Pokemon on the market.

The problem is that the Nintendo 2DS is not a 3D video game console. Whatever in the console will become two-dimensional — even if the game was because that the 3DS. So, if you're looking for 3D gaming, girlfriend shouldn't litter away her Nintendo 3DS accessories and console simply yet.

The bottom line is that it's possible, yet it could not be as much fun as you'd hope.

Yes, you deserve to play Nintendo 3DS games on a 2DS — yet you won't always get every the functions you desire to enjoy. That extra dimension is lost, and also that may mean that you'll feel a bit cheated in part cases.

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So, if you love her three-dimensional access, friend will must make sure you store that 3DS top top hand...even if you just bought up a 2DS.