In this article, us will talk about the to know of minerals making use of streaks on a porcelain plate. In Geology, the is vital to recognize minerals and rocks. Sometimes the color of various minerals is the same and also it is an overwhelming to determine them only by intuitive testing. However, the same color minerals have various colors in powder type (streak) and it have the right to be offered to identify them from every other.

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Thestreak that amineralis the color of the powder developed when the is dragged throughout an un-weathered surface. Unlike the noticeable color of a mineral, i beg your pardon for most minerals deserve to vary considerably, the trace of carefully ground powder usually has a an ext consistent characteristic color and is thus critical diagnostic device in mineral identification.

If no streak appears to be made, the mineral’s streak is said to it is in white or colorless. Streak is specifically important together a diagnostic because that opaque and colored materials. It is less advantageous forsilicate minerals, many of which have actually a white streak or space too hard to powder easily.

The noticeable color that a mineral can vary widely due to the fact that of map impurities or a disturbed macroscopiccrystalstructure. Little amounts of one impurity the strongly absorbs a details wavelength deserve to radically adjust the wavelength of light that room reflected by the specimen and also thus change the evident color.

However, once the specimen is dragged to produce a streak, the is broken into randomly oriented microscopiccrystals, and tiny impurities perform not greatly impact the absorption of light.

What is a streak or porcelain plate for minerals?

Porcelain plates

The surface throughout which the mineral is dragged is referred to as a “streak plate”, and also is generally made the unglazedporcelain tile. In the absence of a streak plate, the unglazed underside the a porcelain key or vase or the ago of a glazed tile will certainly work. Periodically a streak is more easily or accurately defined by comparing it with the “streak” make by an additional streak plate.

Streak key come in white and also black. The default is white, however black can be handy as a 2nd option. The good majority that minerals have actually a white streak. This is the streak ofgypsum but resembles streaks from many other minerals.

Corundumleaves a white streak (left), yet after clean everything (right) it is clear the the plate itself was scratched through the hardness-9 mineral. Gold(top),platinum(middle), andcopper(bottom) have actually characteristic streak colors, best seen on a black streak plate.

What is a streak test?

The “streak test” is a method used to identify the color of a mineral in powdered form. The color of a mineral’s flour is regularly a very important residential or commercial property for identify the mineral.

The streak test is done by scraping a specimen the the mineral throughout a piece of unglazed porcelain recognized as a “streak plate.” This can develop a small amount of powdered mineral top top the surface of the plate. The powder shade of that mineral is known as its “streak.”


The streak test must be done on clean, freshly broken specimens the the mineral. This is done to reduce the possibility that a contaminant, weathered coating, or tarnish will affect the outcomes of the test.The preferred method for conducting a streak test is to pick up a representative specimen that the mineral v the hand the you create with.Select a representative suggest or protrusion ~ above the specimen that will be scraped throughout the streak plate.With your other hand, ar the streak plate flat on a table or laboratory bench. Then, while holding the streak plate flat and firmly in place on the tabletop, location the allude of the specimen firmly versus the streak plate, and, while preserving firm pressure, drag the specimen throughout the plate.Now examine the streak to identify its color and also to check that the is a powder, instead of grains, splinters, or broken pieces.

Impotance that Streak check in mineral Identification

The streak check is an important because countless minerals happen in a range of evident colors yet all specimens of the mineral re-superstructure a similar streak color.

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For example specimens of hematite have the right to be black, red, brown, or silver- in color and also occur in a wide variety of habits; however, every specimens of hematite produce a streak with a reddish color. This is a an important test for hematite. It can be supplied to differentiate hematite indigenous a big number of other opaque minerals through high certain gravity and similar color and habit.