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Dealing with itchy and flaking skin on your dog can be a nightmare! Not just does it affect their pristine coat, however it"s very uncomfortable for your dog. Skin worries can cause intense scratching.

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Some dogs room so dead-set on gaining some relief the they may end up scratching themselves to the allude of bleeding. Past that, leaving flaky skin untreated can cause bacterial and fungal epidemic that conveniently spread to various other parts the the body.


Flaky skin is not just a canine problem. Humans additionally experience that in the form of dandruff. One of the most well-known dandruff products, Head and Shoulders shampoo, is really effective at placing those skin troubles to rest.

If it can aid your very own skin, you can be tempted to shot it out on her dog. You"re no alone. You"d it is in surprised at simply how countless dog owners space asking the exact same question.

So, is it for sure to use on her dog? The answer might surprise you.

Is Head and also Shoulders safe for Dogs?

Typically, it"s not recommended the you use human assets for dogs. Your dog"s body is totally different from your own. Thus, your pup has various reactions to cosmetics ingredients. However, Head and Shoulders is a distinct exception.

Head and Shoulders shampoo is for sure to use on dog in moderation. Plenty of groomers swear through the shampoo and use it come treat a bevy the ailments.The main ingredient in Head and also Shoulders is zinc pyrithione, also known together ZPT.

ZPT is a water-soluble ingredient the helps come treat dandruff and also its underlying cause. It has actually the same impact on dogs as it walk in humans, therefore you deserve to use it come treat skin concerns without too lot worry.

In Head and also Shoulders shampoo, there"s a very low dose of ZPT. It"s only one percent that the formula, do it for sure for her pup.

Things to Consider

With all the being said, don"t use Head and also Shoulders shampoo on your dog regularly. You have to use that in moderation to avoid any type of complications. Canine skin is much an ext sensitive than your own.

There are just 3 come 5 layers of cells. For comparison, humans have upwards that 15 layers. Not only that, but the pH balance of her dog"s skin is considerably greater than humans.


Dog shampoos room specifically formulated to control their pH balance, i m sorry is between 6.5 come 7.5.

Using human shampoos, which have a pH of roughly 5.5, can throw the balance off and cause a slew that problems.

It"s perfectly fine to use Head and Shoulders on your dog every as soon as in a while. However, it have to never it is in the go-to product that you usage for their baths.

Why use Head and also Shoulders on your Dog?

Head and Shoulders shampoo is an excellent for treating number of ailments. Friend can uncover ZPT-based shampoos because that dogs. However, lock come at a premium. Cheaper shampoos that are targeted toward skin relief use coal tar.

While that may carry out some temporary relief, it"s nowhere near as efficient as ZPT. Head and also Shoulders is a cost-effective way to treat her pup"s skin with ZPT.

Some worries You deserve to Treat through Head and also Shoulders


Seborrhea is a typical skin condition that numerous dogs face. It"s very comparable to dandruff in humans. It reasons itchy and also flaky skin. However, it additionally has some other symptoms. Because that one, it can reason your dog"s skin to come to be red and slightly inflamed.

Because the skin flakes are staying clear of oil indigenous escaping, that can likewise make her dog"s coat look greasy. In significant cases, that trapped oil can start come emanate foul odors, too.

The ZPT in Head and Shoulders is great for treating this condition. The shampoo will remove existing flakes and administer some relief to the itchiness. While seborrhea is often connected with oily skin, dry skin is regularly the culprit.

There space plenty that moisturizing ingredients in the shampoo to give your pup"s skin a nice an increase of hydration.

Bacterial and also Fungal Infections

In numerous cases, bacteria and fungi room to blame for your dog"s skin problems. Luckily, ZPT is an antifungal and also antibacterial agent. It can take treatment of yeast infections and assist to promote healing.

Overactive yeast deserve to wreak destruction on your dog"s human body if it"s not addressed in time. It"s not uncommon for the trouble to spread to paws, ears, and other areas of the body. By using Head and also Shoulders, you have the right to put a protect against to the spread out of fungus and bacteria prior to things acquire out of hand.

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If her dog is enduring from fleas, Head and also Shoulders shampoo might be the systems you"re spring for. The shampoo is popular among groomers because it"s capable of paralyzing the small pests.

After around five minutes on her dog"s skin, those fleas will be unable to move. You deserve to simply to wash them away under your drain.

The shampoo can even weaken the exoskeleton that fleas that are left behind. They"ll end up being incredibly vulnerable, bring about them to dice off quite quickly.

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How to use Head and Shoulders on her Dog Safely

Thinking about bathing your dog through Head and also Shoulders? Follow these steps.