It could be negative if various other things walk wrong together well, or if the circuit/device is miswired. It additionally prevents girlfriend from plugging in various other grounded devices, which might be a difficulty as well. The best thing to carry out would be to either eliminate it, or change the receptacle.

Turn off the power to the circuit in ~ the breaker, and verify strength is off. Then making use of needle nose pliers (or tweezers), try to extract the pin. If you"re unable to remove it, have actually the receptacle replaced by a professional.

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It"s not automatically dangerous, yet it is negative simply because it is wrong.

And it might be basic to fix, as others have actually noted. If so, you"ve probably currently fixed it.

If not, (perhaps the prong is deeply placed in the outlet), then consider:

Turn off the power at the circuit breakerVerify the strength is off utilizing a desk lamp in the various other outlet socketRemove the prong by what ever means needed pliers? tweezers?

In any type of case, friend should certainly fix this, at the an extremely least, it will be a difficulty at some allude later as soon as you want to usage a three prong plug.


Assuming the outlet is effectively grounded, this would certainly be no various from emotional the outlet mounting screws - harmless.

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However, if the outlet to be miswired, because that example, the outlet floor actually associated to neutral (because there to be no ground in the box) and there was a wiring fault disconnecting the circuit"s neutral, the neutral prong, and also the ground, could end up being hot.


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What problems could occur if ns plugged a 3-prong plug right into a receptacle labeling "No tools Ground"?
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