Redbox was started in 2002 and also since increased to 42,000 kiosks. Redbox operates like a vending maker that dispenses movies. Together of 2015, Redbox charges $1.50 per day for DVDs, $2 per day because that Blu-ray discs and also $3 every day for video clip games. You may keep the disc for as numerous days together you like.

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How to use a Redbox

Locate a Redbox. Redboxes are usually located outside of gas stations, grocery stores and also some department stores. To find one nearby by, go to Scroll under to the food selection at the bottom of the page and also select "Redbox Locations." enter your ZIP code or browser by state to uncover a Redbox close to you.

Decide whether to reserve in advance or pick from what"s available. You’ll need to develop an account through come reserve any kind of movie or video clip game the liked Redbox right now has that in stock.

Alternatively, visit a Redbox to rent your movie or video clip game. You’ll be presented with three options: “Rent a DVD," “Online Rental pick up” and “Return DVD.” pick “Rent a DVD.”

Select the movie or video game you"d like to rent, or push “More Titles” to see all of the choices available. Select “Add to Cart”. Keep searching if you"d like to rental more.

Select “Check Out” once ready. Go into your personal details and, once prompted, swipe her debit or credit transaction card. Enter your email address to obtain a receipt. Press “Done” and also your rentals will come out of the slot on the side of the Redbox.

Returning your Rental

Select “Return a DVD” indigenous the opened screen.

Point the arrowhead on the case towards the slot top top the appropriate side the the machine.

Insert the disc right into the slot and also the return is completed. Selected to receive a return receipt through email once asked.


Before friend rent, search for promo codes online. You can get in a promo password at the Redbox and receive a discount on your rental.

Always have an email sent as a receipt for your rental and also return. While rare, sometimes the DVDs will end up being stuck in the machine and you will certainly be charged together if that was not returned.


Keep monitor of the red plastic cases that organize the discs. Replacing them will price a tiny fee.

The due day for any type of rental is 9:00 p.m. The monitor day. If you miss this deadline, the movie or video game is immediately rented for an additional day. Girlfriend may continue to rent a movie or video clip game because that as long as you wish. The preferably rental period results in gift charged the preferably amount and the disc will be yours to keep. At the time of this publication, the maximum fee is $25 for DVDs, $34 because that Blu-ray and also $69 for video games, together with tax.

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Do not eliminate the bar code that’s ~ above the center of the disc. That is offered to return the disc. If it can’t be read, her return can not be processed.

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