Like a lot of bully breeds, mine American bully rescue Jack has actually sensitive skin. For part reason, he gets more flakes top top his rear than anywhere else ~ above his body. Together a result, his skin condition requires a special doggie anti-dandruff shampoo ns jokingly speak to “Butt & Shoulders.”

His dog shampoo is formulated specifically for a skin condition called seborrhea (more on the later), so human being shampoo isn’t specifically going to satisfy his needs. For various other dogs through mildly dried skin, however, pet parents may wonder: have the right to you usage Head and also Shoulders on a dog?

Keep in mind that you’ll need to consult a veterinary in stimulate to find the root cause of your dog’s skin condition before knowing how to law it and also what assets to use.

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Let’s take it a look at some typical skin problems in dogs and also if Head & Shoulders shampoo — or any type of human shampoo, because that that matter — is for sure to use on pets v itchy skin.

Is a shampoo like Head & Shoulders safe for dogs?

Jack post-bath. Confused and also unamused. Has actually Sarah McLachlan on rate dial.

Stick with shampoos and also conditioners that room specifically formulated because that dogs. If her dog goes come a groomer, it’s a an excellent idea to BYO-dog shampoo if you use a type that was prescribed or encourage by your veterinarian.

If you space a dog owner who offers or needs to usage the sort of shampoo because that dogs that needs it to stay on for numerous minutes prior to rinsing, you could be wondering how to save your pooch calm until rinse time. Well, have I acquired a hack for you!

Prepare a dog puzzle filled with delicious treats (or peanut butter, i m sorry lasts longer) and also give that to your dog in the bathtub to keep him inhabited until the timer walk off. (I usage the Hide n slide dog game.)

If he demands to soak his paws in water because that a particular amount the time, provide your dog a toy that floats in the water choose a world Dog ball.

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Once I began incorporating peanut butter-covered dog toys into bath time, my dog walks into the bathroom willingly as soon as the water’s going. Mine days of catching, then carrying a 49-lb soil seal into the bathroom room in the past.