I"m indigenous Australia where we don"t have actually so many kinds the precipitation. I"m acquainted with these:


As I know it, sleet describes frozen rain yet I"m not completely familiar with it. Right now I"m no in Australia however Georgia, the former Soviet republic. And also at the minute it"s raining yet not just rain. There"s also some mushy snowflakes falling. I"ve never ever seen this before and also wonder if we even have a word because that it in historicsweetsballroom.com. Would certainly it be described as sleet ~ all? It"s 2 degrees over zero centigrade currently so frozen rain appears unlikely.

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Sorry, I believe the prize is "sleet":

Rain and snow combined (also known as sleet) is precipitation composed of rain and partially melted snow. This precipitation can happen where the temperature in the lower component of the environment is slightly over the freezing point (0 °C or 32 °F). Its METAR code is RASN.

Meteorologists around my geographical area (New England) describe it together a "wintry mix" most of the time. However it"s clear the "sleet" is what is intended here.

From the Wikipedia entry because that rain and also snow mixed.

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It"s no sleet — that"s tiny ice pellets i m sorry generally autumn in winter. Hail is additionally ice pellets, yet they are created by a various meteorological process, and can occur any type of time that year.

If there"s a word because that snow and rain at the very same time, it"s for this reason obscure that the weathermen approximately here (Boston) don"t understand it. This often happens once it beginning raining, and also then i do not care cold enough to snow, or angry versa. The weather reports usually speak to this "rain changing to snow", "snow changing to rain", "a mix of snow and rain", or "a wintry mix".

UPDATE: when it seems that nowadays, some people use sleet for a mixture that snow and also rain, this is the original an interpretation of sleet. From the Encyclopaedia Perthensis, Edinburgh, 1816:

SLEET. N. S. slet.> A kind of smooth tiny hail or snow, no falling in flakes, but single particles.

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With regard come the dispute over what exactly sleet is, I keep in mind that Dialect Notes, volume 4, component 4 (1916), devotes whole page to a communication received indigenous the chef of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Weather Bureau, i m sorry states:

Sir: There has been some discussion in this Bureau as to the method the hatchet “sleet” should be provided for main purposes. A search of dictionaries and of a big amount the technical and also non-technical literature shows up to develop the complying with facts:

(1) In England “sleet” means usually, though not invariably, a mixture that raindrops and also snowflakes.

(2) In this nation the ax “sleet” has virtually always been applied in the meteorological literary works to some type of water which is in a frozen state prior to reaching the ground; viz., either tiny particles the clear ice (often mingled through rain or snow), or little snow-like pellets, differing in structure from true hailstones, but often dubbed “winter hail,” or “soft hail.” (In German the latter type of precipitation is frequently called Graupel, and also this name is sometimes used in historicsweetsballroom.com texts. The French identical is grésil.)

(3) Non-meteorological consumption in this nation varies; making up the uses detailed above under (1) and (2), and also another, in accordance through which the ax “sleet” is used to a coating of ice on terrestrial objects developed by rain i m sorry freezes after call with such objects. As soon as this coating is heavy, and also especially once it results in the breaking of branches, wires, etc., the phenomenon as a whole is often dubbed an “ice storm.” This use of the hatchet “sleet” is common in the newspapers, and also in engineering literature, an especially in referral to accumulations the ice, because of rain, on wires and also rails. In England the specific name for this type of ice cream is generally “glazed frost,” and also this term is offered officially through the british Meteorological Office. The surname “silver thaw” has additionally been used to it, in both great Britain and the united States, but this expression is for this reason inappropriate and also misleading the it is avoided by many scientific writers.

The Bureau will certainly feel indebted come you for any type of information you may have the ability to supply as to the use or supplies of the term “sleet” existing in her vicinity, and likewise as to the meaning which, in her experience, most frequently attaches to the term in modern-day speech and also literature. Details would likewise be appreciated concerning the etymology and history of words “sleet,” in instance you room able to include anything come what is uncovered in the recent editions of the new historicsweetsballroom.com, Century, new International, and Standard Dictionaries.

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Very respectfully,

C. F. Marvin, chef of Bureau

United states Department that Agriculture, Weather Bureau

So in all likelihood conflicting definitions of sleet go back at the very least a hundred years.