Q: deserve to I save my budgie and my cockatiel in the exact same cage?

-Andrew F., Carlsbad, NM

A: This is a question we gain frequently. Many civilization have bird of two various species that get along well and become very attached come one another. When they space out with each other in their play area, they always share the same perch and snacks, and also they constantly preen each various other to perfection.

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It is totally understandable the their human beings would start to wonder if they would be happier gift together approximately the clock and to take into consideration caging them together. There are number of favorable elements to this idea, such as: having only one cage to clean and gaining part extra space in the home.

However, also though birds of different varieties might come to be the the next of friends at play time, that does not median that they will accept sharing a cage with one more species.

In the wild bird are very territorial over their nesting areas. They need to be. Parrots put a lot of initiative into locating and remodeling the tree caries in i beg your pardon they will raise your young. The lose of that nest to a contender (of any kind of species) might mean the lose of this year’s breeding season, and it puts your own an individual safety at threat until a new home is found. Hence birds will certainly violently safeguard their nest and are especially careful of other species.


Because they room not domesticated animals, captive parrots bring their wild behavior with them when they involved live with us. Their cage is their swarm site, and also they will come to be defensive in protecting it. It describes why countless birds thing to our hands reaching right into their cage particularly during breeding season. 

Putting her budgie and cockatiel together right into one cage, regardless of i beg your pardon bird was the ahead owner, puts lock both into a precarious position. In a neutral pat area, the two birds are able to reap each others" agency without feelings of defensiveness about territory. Living with each other in a cage, that can all change.

There is a substantial size difference in between a cockatiel and a budgie. If one or the other were to come to be aggressive (it is not uncommon for tiny birds to take it on bigger birds in the defense of your nests), the cockatiel might cause serious injury or fatality to the budgie. No bird will have the ability to escape an strike when locked inside the cage through the attacker.

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The best setup is to keep things as they are. Let every bird have actually their own cage and also let them enjoy each various other in their play area. You have actually a an excellent thing going v the method things are. Why adjust it?

Patty Jourgensen specialization in avian health, behavior and nutrition and also has been functioning with and caring for rescue birds because 1987.