Thinking about giving vegetables to your Red-eared slider? Make sure you only feed them vegetables that room safe!In this guide, you’ll learn:Which vegetables are safe for RES?Which vegetables space NOT safe for RES?What is the recommended diet for RES?


Red-eared sliders have actually a really varied diet. In the wild, they usually feed turn off water vegetation and little prey. In their organic habitat, red-eared sliders are voracious eaters, hunting fish, insects, and little amphibians. They have the right to eat plenty of different foods, making their diet an extremely adaptable to the environment they are in. In captivity, their diet have to mimic the omnivorous eating actions they would have actually in the wild. When they are young, red-eared sliders require a mostly carnivorous diet, together they need an ext protein to grow and also develop. As they grow, their protein needs reduce and they replace a good part of your meat intake v vegetables. Adult in their organic habitat eat greatly aquatic plants, such as Anacharis, Azolla, water hyacinth, duckweed, and also water lettuce. Adult red-eared sliders only eat meat if that easily easily accessible to them together they don’t require as lot protein together they used to. Regarding meal frequency, baby and also juvenile red-eared sliders should have actually a daily feeding schedule, if adult turtles can be fed every two or three days. Although lock do often come external of the water because that basking and also exploring, red-eared sliders space aquatic tortoise and always eat in the water.

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5 vegetables That room Safe for Red-Eared SlidersWhich Vegetables room NOT safe For Red-Eared Sliders?What Is The recommended Diet for Red-Eared Sliders?FAQs

5 vegetables That are Safe for Red-Eared Sliders

1. Carrots

Carrots have a an extremely high vitamin A content, and also they room perfect for your turtle. However, they carry out contain folic acid that deserve to be long-term harmful for her animal, so shot it is recipient to not feed carrots to your turtle much more than double a week. 

2. Lettuce

Red-eared sliders love leafy vegetables and also lettuce is straightforward and healthy vegetable for her animal. However, you need to avoid iceberg lettuce, as it contains practically no nutritional value and it is an empty food for your pet. 

3. Environment-friendly beans 

Green beans are perfect for her red-eared slider come nibble on. You deserve to leave the environment-friendly bean floating in the tank and also it gives a healthy and also tasty option for your pet during the day. They administer vitamins A, C, and K, i m sorry are an extremely beneficial for her animal

4. Bell pepper 

Many red-eared sliders are drawn to the shade red, therefore red bell pepper is a an excellent choice for her pet. Reduced the pepper in tiny piece to make it much easier for them to eat, or leaving a bigger piece for them come nibble on. Red pepper is well-off in vitamin A and vitamin C.

Which Vegetables are NOT safe For Red-Eared Sliders?

1. Chard

Chard has a yes, really high content of oxalic acid (700mg every 100g). Oxalic mountain is found on different species of leafy greens and blocks the absorb of calcium. A strong calcium entry is crucial for the shell and also bones of your turtle, therefore chard is a food the should absolutely be avoided. 

2. Spinach 

Along with chard, spinach likewise has a high oxalic mountain content. Eat spinach as soon as or double is not going come have devastating effects on your pet, however long-term effects can it is in dangerous for their shell and bone consistency.

3. Cabbage 

Cabbage, broccoli, and brussel sproutsƒ are component of the brassica family, which can challenging the absorption of iodine. This does not typical your lizard cant ever before eat cabbage, but excessive quantities of it lead to a damaging the the kidneys and also goiter. 

4. Avocado 

Avocados save on computer an anti-fungal compound referred to as Persin i beg your pardon is toxic to virtually all animals. The should certainly not it is in a component of your red-eared sliders meals, as its toxicity have the right to cause major health problems on her pet. 

5. Rhubarb 

Rhubarb have the right to block calcium absorption, so it should not form part of your red-eared sliders diet.

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What Is The encourage Diet because that Red-Eared Sliders?

The recommended diet for red-eared slider tortoise is very varied. During the first years of your life, red-eared meat should consist of for 70 percent of her turtle’s diet. Together it grows, the meat percentage should alleviate gradually. Adult red-eared sliders will have an almost completely vegetarian diet. Give your turtle a nutritious and varied diet through preparing vegetables mixes. Maintaining their diet interesting and also including a wide variety of foods items is an essential to keeping your red-eared slider in good health. Sometimes, if your meals gain too repetitive, red-eared sliders protect against eating. 
Red sliders deserve to only eat once they room in the water, so friend should place the vegetable mix in the water and also remove that after 20 mins.
Occasionally friend can additionally leave part vegetables -such together carrots or bell peppers- during the work for her pet come nibble on, but you have to make certain that the water of your turtle’s aquarium is clear. 
You can also feed your pet live feeder fish, which you have to only to buy in a pets store. Feeding your turtle fish indigenous unknown origins deserve to be very risky for her pet’s health, together they could contain parasites.Calcium must be a key element in her red-eared sliders diet. Slider turtles need a high calcium entry to save their bones and also shell solid and healthy. Giving your turtle v a calcium supplement will protect against shell deformities and bone problems. Some powder calcium supplements likewise include vitamin D3. And can be basic option to complete your turtle’s diet. If friend don’t desire to give your pet powder supplement, friend can additionally give your animal a cuttlebone come nib a pair of times a week.