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If you room serving a term of probation you might wonder whether it is possible for girlfriend to join the Marines. Over there are specific probation requirements and Marine standards pertaining come joining this branch that the equipped services while on probation.

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A usual misconception is the no one top top any type of probation deserve to join the Marines. The rule of probation and the standards of the Marines room not this absolute.

If you space on a short term of probation (a year or less) for a non-violent and also not an especially serious crime, maritime standards likely will allow you to begin the process of involvement the Marines if serving her sentence.

A probation officer will provide joining the Marines noted the offender is serving a term of unsupervised probation. Supervision that a human being on probation after joining the Marines is not feasible.

Fully disclosing your probation sentence (even if unsupervised) is crucial when applying to sign up with the Marines. If you fail come disclose and your sentence is uncovered later through the Marines, you confront the prospect of a dishonorable discharge.

If your probation period is close to finishing (within a few months), the procedure of involvement the Marines is simplified if girlfriend wait to use until your sentence is completed.

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