The Legend that Zelda: Twilight Princess when again sees link exploring the large kingdom the Hyrule, this time in an attempt to dispel an evil twilight the has resolved over the land.

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Is it feasible to pat this game with a gamecube controller without buying the gamecube version? Or execute I have to use the Wii controller? I"d favor to usage the gamecube controller if at all possible. 




BongChilla said: " Is it feasible to play this video game with a gamecube controller there is no buying the gamecube version? Or carry out I need to use the Wii controller? I"d choose to use the gamecube controller if at every possible. "It"s not, you"re shit the end of luck.

BongChilla said: "I"d like to usage the gamecube controller if at every possible. "To me, that"s prefer saying "I"ll masturbate either way, but I"d favor to perform it making use of a rusty cheese grater, if at all possible."
MooseyMcMan said: " i don"t think so, yet the Wii variation controls fine. Aiming"s a lot far better with the Wiimote. "You"re in denial. Being compelled to pat the video game without double analog camera control is a hassle. The Gamecube controller would job-related so lot better. I can"t remember all the time I practically fell off the edge of cliffs since I"d lower the remote and then connect would waver his sword and take a step forward and have come latch onto the ledge because that his to ~ life. It to be annoying. Climate the B switch unpauses the game, for this reason whenever I"d set down the controller after pausing, the game would unpause itself. Yes, I"m still entirely bent out of shape over every that.

I love the Gamecube controller, I can sympathize. However the game should it is in dead cheap by now, Why didn"t you gain the GCN version?

TheGreatGuero: None the those things ever before happened come me. You should just have actually unsteady hands. You have to use more skill.
TheGreatGuero: None that those things ever before happened come me. You need to just have unsteady hands. You must use an ext skill. "Actually, those points would just take place whenever I"d set the controller under to take breaks. As for the camera, I absolutely prefer full fluid camera regulate over having to struggle a camera recenter switch so often. It"s just a smoother experience. However, I"ve noticed the most human being don"t look roughly as much as i do when playing. I like to check out EVERYTHING.
nintendoeats said: " ns love the Gamecube controller, I can sympathize. But the video game should be dead cheap through now, Why didn"t you acquire the GCN version? "I"ve had actually the game for some time now and than stopped playing it. I just bought part gamecube controllers and played a little bit of Wind Waker. I forgot exactly how awesome it to be to beat zelda without the Wiimote. I figured as much due to the fact that there was nothing in the manual about it. I simply thought I"d ask.

The WiiMote works simply fine as well as the camera and attacking (sad that among those things is mildly important and the various other is perhaps the many important part of the game.)

Though your question"s been answered, I just wanted to say the going to the GCN version after playing a couple hours of the Wii version is incredibly disorienting. It"s easy to forget that they mirrored every little thing on the different versions. It"s so weird.

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