Preparing your mare for breeding season 

Is her mare ready?

It’s necessary to breed your mare when she’s in her best physical condition.

When examining your mare’s condition consider:

Is she having constant heat cycles?Does she have actually a uterine infection?Is her body problem ideal?Is she up-to-date top top vaccines, dewormers and preventative dental work?

Regular warmth cycles and also supplemental lighting

Increasing your mare’s exposure to daylight 2 come 2.5 months prior to breeding can ensure continuous heat cycles and ovulation.

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To breed in February, begin supplemental lighting in late November or beforehand December.Mares not previously exposed to supplemental lighting might take a much longer time to cycle naturally.For a march or April foal, bright can begin as early as January due to the fact that some mares won’t naturally cycle until at an early stage May. Guidelines come supplemental lightingAdd supplemental bright in the evening and also in the winter till 11 p.m.Provide 16 hrs of consistent lighting daily.Use a 200-watt incandescent bulb or 2 40-watt fluorescent tubes; you should have the ability to comfortably review a newspaper everywhere in the stall.Expose pregnant mares, due at an early stage in the season, come lighting as they may stop cycling following their foal heat.

Rule out infections

Many stud farms require a uterine society (pre-breeding swab) on open up mares to preeminence out infection. Uterine cultures can additionally benefit the mare owner by identifying undiagnosed infection. Infections deserve to waste several warm cycles.

Occasionally, maiden windsucking mares will have actually an infection. For much more information on windsucking and also other unwanted behaviors see undesirable behaviors and vices in horses. A finish veterinary exam of the reproductive street can inspect these mares for injuries and also structural defects that influence fertility and also cycling. Barren mares most likely underwent check at the end of the vault season and are all set for a recheck.

Body condition

We recommend breeding your mare as soon as she’s in moderate body problem (body condition score that 5 come 6) and including just a little weight. Mares in middle to great condition are more likely come cycle and also conceive than mares that room too slim or grossly overweight. Regulating your mare’s nutrition can assist you establish the ideal body condition. Learn an ext about body problem scoring. 

Breeding emergencies 

Make sure you have actually prepared for any kind of breeding emergencies that might occur, especially during natural cover. During breeding, call your veterinarian right away if the stallion has:

Blood ~ above the penis.Damage to the penis.A swollen scrotum.Colic.

While you wait, safely:

Try to locate the bleed source, inspect both the mare and also stallion.Take the critical signs you’re comfortable v on both horses.If the dick is out, apply cold water making use of a hose.

Care that the broodmare

Now that your mare is pregnant, the score is to store her healthy through pregnancy and also then supply a normal, healthy and balanced foal.

Biosecurity tips

Keep mares in small groups through others at a similar stage that pregnancy.Separate permanent resident mares the the farm yard from exterior mares.Isolate pregnant mares from equines likely to melted illness (e.g. Show horses, weanlings, etc.).Isolate pregnant mares from recently bred mares.Isolate pregnant mares using different barns.Don’t re-superstructure water or feeding sources.

Pregnancy exams and normal ns rates

Days 14 come 16: an initial pregnancy examUltrasound performed.Twin pregnant corrected.Rebreeding to plan if the mare no pregnant.Mares have actually a 6 percent opportunity of aborting by work 40.Days 24 come 25: pregnancy Exam (occasionally done)Embryonic heartbeat foundDays 30 come 35: second pregnancy examConfirms the mare is still pregnant.You have the right to rebreed the mare successfully if abortion occurs prior to this time.You can’t rebreed the mare if abortion occurs following 35 days; she will certainly be infertile for 3 come 4 months due to endometrial cup formation in the uterus.Mares have actually an 8 percent possibility of aborting after day 40.Older mares (20 year old) have actually an 21 percent possibility of aborting at day 40, and also 15 percent after day 40.

During pregnancy

Feed your mare to maintain moderate to good body condition throughout pregnancy and lactation. You can expect your mare to acquire 9 to 12 percent of she body weight during pregnancy. The mare will acquire two-thirds of this weight in the last three months once the majority of fetus expansion occurs.

During the first eight month of pregnancy, a mare’s nutritional requirements remain the very same as once she conceived. In the last trimester, the mare’s requirements increase faster than her require for power so you will have to supplement her diet for the following:

Protein (requirement: 8 percent in at an early stage pregnancy, 11 to 12 percent in so late pregnancy)CalciumSugarsPhosphorus

Broodmare in pasture.

Free access to high quality, immature grass or alfalfa will certainly usually satisfy the mare’s energy and also protein requirements. However neither of this forages will meet her enhanced need for phosphorus. Grass forages will likewise be as well low in calcium. To correct this, mares need to receive a day-to-day salt-calcium-phosphorus mineral mix supplement. You can purchase supplements details to the kind of forage friend feed.

Supplement v vitamins and also trace minerals for fetal development. Copper, zinc, manganese, and also iron space stored in the fetal liver. Research shows mares that did not obtain a copper complement in the last trimester had less sound foals than mares the did acquire copper. Feeding supplemental copper come the education foals no correct the problems.

Give mares herbal vitamin E daily, 30 days before foaling, to boost the passive carry of antibodies from mare to foal.

During lactation

Once lactation starts, the mare"s energy and protein needs boost further. High quality forage with a mineral supplement can fulfill these needs, yet most mares should also receive a grain/protein mix. You can feed these mixes about 0.5 come 1 lb per 100 pounds the body load daily.

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Most mares space re-bred roughly this time, and also fertility is finest when the mare maintains condition. After 3 months that lactation, a mare"s milk production declines. You have to start slowly decreasing she grain prior to weaning to aid her dry up.