If you eat a reasonably-well balanced diet, vitamin supplements space not taken into consideration necessary for breastfeeding mothers.

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This is even true for mothers who room eating because that three during tandem nursing, or when breastfeeding during pregnancy (see Nutrition for mom in our Nursing during Pregnancy and also Tandem parenting FAQ).

According to Nutrition during Lactation (Hamosh, 1991):

“The evidence does not warrant routine vitamin-mineral supplementation that lactating women… Encourage lactating females to monitor dietary guidelines the promote a generosity intake of nutrient from fruits and also vegetables, whole-grain breads and also cereals, calcium-rich dairy product products, and protein-rich foods items such as meats, fish and legumes. Together a diet would ordinarily it is provided a sufficient quantity of crucial nutrients… Encourage adequate intake the fluids — particularly water, juice, and milk — to alleviate organic thirst. That is not necessary to encourage fluid intake over this level… Calcium, multivitamin-mineral supplements, or both may be advised when dietary sources are marginal and also it is unlikely that proper dietary methods will or deserve to be followed.”

What if I perform NOT eat a reasonably-well balanced diet?

Except in unique circumstances, women in developed countries are not likely to have actually nutritional deficiencies that will affect their milk.

The Recommended intakes (RI) because that nutrients have actually a wide safety and security margin built in – if you execute not meet the RI because that a nutrient, the does not typical that you are deficient. If a mommy does not obtain adequate amounts of certain nutrients (such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12 or iodine) it have the right to decrease nutrient levels in she milk. This is most regularly a difficulty in areas of malnutrition, however can additionally be a worry in developed countries (According to the CDC, women period 20-39 in the US have iodine input just above insufficient). The best solution in such instances is to improve or supplement the mother’s diet. For various other nutrients (including folic acid, iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, zinc) milk levels will certainly be fine even if the mother’s entry is too low.

The nutrient most most likely to be of concern for a woman eating an typical (unsupplemented) American diet of 2700 calories per day are calcium and also zinc. However, your intake that calcium or zinc does not affect breastmilk levels of these minerals, so if supplements are needed, they space for your benefit — not baby’s.(Hamosh, 1991; Lawrence & Lawrence, 2005)For mother who are cutting calories:

Mothers who gain 2200 calories per day may need extra calcium, zinc, magnesium, thiamin (vitamin B1), vitamin B-6 & vitamin E.

Mothers who obtain 1800 calories every day might need extra calcium, zinc, magnesium, thiamin, vitamin B6, vitamin E, folic acid, riboflavin (vitamin B2), phosphorus and also iron.

Breastmilk levels of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and also folic acid room fine even if her diet is deficient. If supplements space needed, they are for your benefit — not baby’s.

Levels that B vitamin in breastmilk are pertained to the mother’s intake, but a deficiency in the mom serious enough to impact her breastfed baby is very rare in the joined States.(Hamosh, 1991; Lawrence & Lawrence, 2005)

What if ns would favor to take it extra vitamins or other nutritional supplements? Is this safe?

Most mineral additionally (e.g., iron, calcium, copper, chromium, zinc) taken by the mom do not influence breastmilk levels.Water dissolve vitamin supplements (e.g., B vitamins, vitamin C) bring away by the mother usually increase breastmilk levels. Breastmilk level of part water dissolve vitamins, such as vitamin C, only boost up to a particular point, then stay steady – even if mom increases her dose.Fat soluble vitamin additionally (e.g., vitamins A & E) taken by the mother deserve to concentrate in human being milk, and also thus excessive amounts may be harmful come a breastfeeding baby.The safety of herbs and other nutritional supplements must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis – some space safe and also some space not.

For details on certain vitamins, minerals and also other nutritional supplements, see:

Additional information


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