Our pharmacist answer the recent question regarding whether or no it is it s okay to take it Mucinex DM & Delsym Together.

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Vance asked

Is the OK to take it Mucinex DM and also Delsym together?


You do not want to take it Delsym in addition to Mucinex DM as they both save on computer the exact same ingredient.

Delsym includes the sneeze suppressant dextromethorphan.


Mucinex DM contains two products, dextromethorphan and also guaifenesin.


Taking both would an outcome in take a double dose that the dextromethorphan.

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You certainly need to be cautious when acquisition a the majority of over the respond to medications and also many of castle contain the very same or combine of the same ingredients. Both dextromethorphan and guaifenesin are really common ingredients in cold/cold medications.

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