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If you space a huge fan the a quick and one skillet recipe, then supposedly Hamburger Helper could have conserved you in liven weeknights. Right??

Hamburger Helper is a usual household clip that have the right to be excellent from box to stovetop.

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It is very easy to do a recipe just ready in 30 minutes.

It doesn’t need any an elaborate ingredients and favorite amongst the whole family.

The Hamburger Helper recipe calls for milk as it add to a creamy texture and also gives that is flavor to the sauce in Hamburger Helper.

But what if you space all collection to make her favorite Hamburger Helper and you don’t have actually milk.

Don’t panic and also don’t run to the store.

Even despite you don’t have milk, tho you meet your cravings for it.

Replacing milk in this enjoy the meal is no that much difficult.

So, this particular day we come up through some an excellent substitutes because that milk in Hamburger Helper.

In this guide, you’ll go with the finest Hamburger Helper milk substitutes out there. There are some really great alternatives to choose from.

Keep analysis to know an ext about Hamburger Helper milk options and exactly how to use them wisely.


Table the Contents

3 Substitutes of Milk in Hamburger Helper7 how to Reheat Hamburger Helper?8 frequently Asked Questions

What is Hamburger Helper?


Hamburger Helper is a packaged food product made by General Mills.

It is a packaged pasta brand recognized as “Hamburger Helper” was introduced in 1971 offered as component of the Betty Crocker brand.

There room over 20 ranges of Hamburger Helper available on the market across a selection of smell profiles.

They come up with other meat variations prefer Tuna Helper, Pork Helper, and Chicken Helper.

They offer other selection of flavors such as asian helper, mexico Helper, Italian Helper, whole grain helper, Hamburger Helper Microwave Singles, Fruit helper, Mac & Cheese Helper, Cheesy Helper, mexico Helper.

It contains boxed dried pasta with powdered seasonings.

This is a finish one-dish meal the is consisted of of browned ground meat, pasta, milk, water, and also seasoning.

The Hamburger Helper has a really interesting mascot i.e. “the help Hand”.

It is four-fingered, left-hand v a white glove and also a confront on the palm.

You can regularly watch this in the product’s television commercials and also on their packages.

Can You do Hamburger Helper without Milk?

Yes, that course, you can make Hamburger Helper without milk.

When you cook pasta because that Hamburger that releases starches as it cooks.

This strength helps come make her dish creamy.

But certain milk renders much better taste and also flavor.

By adding milk, friend will get your food richer, creamier, and thicker.

But if you don’t have milk, you have the right to use various other substitutes (mentioned below) to attain milk-like results.

Substitutes of Milk in Hamburger Helper

The Hamburger Helper cooking recipes calls for ingredient milk to boost the flavor and also texture of this dish.

But what if friend don’t have actually milk?

Following substitutions are good substitute principles when you don’t have milk on hand and help to fulfill your cravings too.

Evaporated Milk and also water

Evaporated milk is a great replacement because that milk in the Hamburger Helper recipe.

You deserve to blend equal components of water and also evaporated milk to usage in location of milk.

If you are using ½ cup that evaporated milk climate you should add ½ cup of water.

You may not reap your enjoy the meal by just adding water.

Adding water won’t provide you that creamy texture and also flavor come the sauce.

Evaporated milk help to render a great creamy texture the you can get by including milk.

So, including evaporated milk with water is the finest replacement for milk in Hamburger Helper.

Cream cheese


If you don’t have actually milk because that making Hamburger Helper, then you have the right to use the super basic ingredient i.e. Cream Cheese.

Even though you space lactose sensitive, climate you deserve to replace milk v cream cheese.

If your Hamburger Helper recipe calls because that 3 cup of water and also a half cup of milk.

Instead of fifty percent cup that milk, you can add a 4 minutes 1 cup the cream cheese and also a 4 minutes 1 cup the water.

Now, this mix is actually perfect for your recipe!

A various flavor the Hamburger Helper calls because that different quantities of milk and also water, and also other ingredients.

So save the ratio of the 1/4 cup of cream cheese to around 1/4 cup the water ratio, wherein a half cup that milk is needed, and you can apply that to each flavor of Hamburger Helper.

Non-fat dried milk


Dry milk is merely milk that has had the moisture removed and also it turns into powdered form.

Non-fat dry milk is produced by removed water indigenous pasteurized fat-free milk.

It is do by making use of a warm treatment adhered to by an evaporation process and spray drying.

It comes in white to irradiate cream in shade with a clean dairy products flavor. The is produced by removing water native pasteurized skim milk.

Many bread bakers, replace the necessary ingredient milk through using dried milk.

You simply need come stir with each other non-fat dry milk and water till dissolved. And here is her milk is ready.

Dry milk has a taste like consistent milk. So, friend can take into consideration it as a great replacement because that milk your Hamburger Helper.

Sour cream

Sour cream is a dairy product product that is obtained by fermenting continuous cream v particular varieties of lactic mountain bacteria.

It is frequently used as a condiment on various foods and also is likewise combined with other ingredients to kind a dipping sauce.

The tart cream added to soups and also sauces come thicken them and also make lock creamier.

The milk add to a creamy texture and also in Hamburger Helper which can be likewise done by using sour cream.

So, you can add sour cream to the Hamburger Helper instead of milk.

Almond milk


If you are searching for a non-dairy alternate for Hamburger Helper milk substitute climate Almond milk is a good non-dairy alternative.

Almond milk is produced is largely from water and also ground almonds.

It is do by grinding almonds v water, climate straining the pulp indigenous the liquid.

This almond milk comes in a smooth creamy texture and also nutty flavor.

It is offered in coffee and tea, smoothies and also used as a replacement for cow’s milk in desserts and also baked goods.

Almond milk is a creamy and also thick different so that you will gain a great creamy structure to your dish.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is one of the fairly newer non-dairy milk out there. That is a great choice as soon as you want something creamy.

It is produced from water and also the white meat of brown coconuts.

Coconut milk is made by mix water through the freshly grated white flesh of a ripe coconut.

Coconut milk comes through a affluent creamy texture and also a sweet having actually subtle coconut flavor.

You can quickly replace the milk in your Hamburger Helper together it has actually a thick consistency. So that the last dish won’t have watery.

You have the right to use coconut milk to change the milk as such it relies upon the type of Hamburger Helper.

Red Wine

If you have wine at home, you deserve to use it as a replacement for milk to the Hamburger Helper.

Let’s mean you have Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff; you deserve to use wine with simple steps.

Saute onions, mushrooms, and carrots till making lock tender. Remove all the ingredients from the pot and also then brown floor beef.

Season the beef with dried thyme, no salt together that packet has a many salt.

Return the vegetables to the pan and add in a healthy cup the red wine.

Reduce the wine until it becomes nearly dry, add the seasoning packet that comes through Hamburger Helper, and use water to change the milk in an equal quantity.

Simmer this mixture till thickened and include in a pair of tablespoons the butter.

You can try out this various nice flavor through red wine if you running out of milk.


Hamburger Helper is designed to be supplied with constant 4% Cow’s Milk.

If you are from those who space Lactose intolerant, then right here is the Cream in the mix that deserve to solve your trouble in short of milk.

Adding cream in Hamburger Helper helps you to include creaminess in the sauce as milk would.

So, including cream is a an excellent alternative come the milk in this dish that renders it at sight creamy thick, and rich in texture there is no milk.

Greek yogurt

If you don’t have milk if making this at sight delicious Hamburger Helper, then don’t worry, Greek yogurt deserve to solve your problem.

The Greek yogurt to add a little bit of creaminess there is no thinning the sauce together milk does.

So, adding Greek yogurt won’t thin your sauce and also keep the consistency together milk would.

Greek yogurt is another good alternative to think about as a replacement because that milk in Hamburger Helper.

Stock/ broth

Stock made by cooking bones progressively in water.

You can make the share by simmering pet bones, meat, seafood, or vegetables in water or wine for an extended time.

It is supplied as a basis for the preparation of sauces, soup, gravy, etc.

So, isn’t it a good option to shot it out?

You have the right to use stock together per the Hamburger Helper flavor.

If you have actually Hamburger Helper through chicken odor you have the right to use chicken broth. Choose this, if you have actually beef odor Hamburger Helper adds beef stock.

Adding these stocks space really fine goes through this meal if you are running the end of milk.


You have the right to use butter in a Hamburger Helper rather of milk. Butter gives the desired flavor and texture to food.

But, just how to use butter in the Hamburger Helper recipe?

You have to chef Hamburger Helper v the instructions offered in the box.

You can use water instead of milk while food preparation Hamburger Helper.

You need to add bit 1/4 pole of butter because that one packet of Hamburger Helper after ~ cooking

You can also include it throughout the cooking but make sure it i will not ~ burn in the skillet together the last dish might taste bad.

Use a proportion together 1 cup that water and 1-1/2 teaspoons of butter because that every 1 cup of milk calls for the recipe.

Butter is a small salty taste and also Hamburger Helper is additionally a bit salty, so think about the salt ratio while adding butter in Helper.

Cream sauce v pasta water

The cream sauce is recognized as the mother of every sauces. That works an excellent in ar of constant milk in different recipes.

Then why wouldn’t an excellent for Hamburger Helper?

So, shot out the creamy sauce together it is a good replacement for milk for making Hamburger Helper.

You simply need to add one tablespoon of cream sauce rather of milk during the cooking for one packet that Hamburger Helper.

But below is the good trick the doesn’t throw leftover pasta water cooked from Hamburger Helper pasta.

Pasta releases strength during cooking that dissolves in water helps to make the food creamier.

You can include this pasta water during food preparation to enhance the creamy structure of the final dish. Pasta water help to thicken the sauce too.

So, cream sauce through pasta water renders a an excellent taste to her Hamburger Helper.



Mayonnaise is made through an emulsion that oil, egg yolk, and acid, one of two people vinegar or lemon juice.

There are numerous other variants are supplied for additional flavorings.

If you have actually a shortage that milk, you can replace it through mayonnaise.

You simply need to include a pair of tablespoons the mayonnaise come Hamburger Helper.

It help to render the dish creamy, thick and smooth texture.

So, adding Mayonnaise will help if you don’t have actually milk to include in.


Margarine is a non-dairy substitute for butter. It simply tastes like butter.

Some folks have been making use of margarine as a replacement because that milk in Hamburger Helper successfully.

If you space enjoying Hamburger Helper v butter then you will love this margarine as a milk substitute.

You simply need to add 1 cup of water and 1-1/2 teaspoons the margarine because that every 1 cup of milk calls for in the recipe.

So, making use of margarine will render a creamy texture to the Hamburger Helper.

Half and also half

Half and half is another an excellent option because that substituting milk in Hamburger Helper.

You deserve to use 1/4 cup water to 3/4 cup half and fifty percent to approximate the consistency of totality milk.

If friend have little milk on hand however not enough for the whole recipe, add 5/8 cup the skim milk with 3/8 cup fifty percent and fifty percent to get the same desired results.

In this way, you deserve to substitute milk with fifty percent and fifty percent for making a Hamburger Helper recipe.

How To save Hamburger Helper?

Most cooking meals stay an excellent for a long period of time in the freezer than storing in the fridge.

So appropriate packaging and freezing will provide you this tasty meal whenever you space craving for Hamburger Helper.

If you want to store it for comparatively much longer then you can freeze leftovers as well.You have the right to freeze it for as much as 3 months.You can additionally make ahead Hamburger Helper and freeze the for later consumption.\

How long is Hamburger great in the Fridge?

If you have actually a leftover Hamburger Helper you deserve to store that in the fridge to consume later.

You have the right to store your Hamburger Helper in the fridge in an airtight container.

Allow the dish to cool completely before storing.

You deserve to store her leftovers in the fridge for up come 5 days without losing their high quality or flavor.

So, you have the right to store the Hamburger Helper in the fridge and consume it within 5 days.

Can You frozen Hamburger Helper?

Yes, you have the right to freeze Hamburger Helper.

After you have prepared this dish, you can keep it in your freezer come consume later.

Prepare the Hamburger Helper as per the directions on the package.

Let’s get to know how to perform it.

1.Let that cool to room temperature to prevent condensation within the container. This helps avoid ice crystals and also freezer burn.

2. Location the Hamburger Helper in a freezer container. Usage an airtight container to minimize the opportunities of freezer burn.

For a safer way to protect against freezer burn, covering the container an initial with plastic wrap and also then wrap it through foil.

3. Label the storage container with the day you have prepared and also frozen the food. You have the right to do it with a mite or use masking tape.

4. Keep the Hamburger Helper in the freezer.

As every the USDA, food frozen at 0 levels can stay good just around indefinitely.

Many home freezers are capable to freeze in ~ this temperature. The encourage freezing size is just applicable because that quality and also taste.

Hence there is no guideline for “Hamburger Helper” on the USDA website, but they recommend that casseroles deserve to be frozen because that no much longer than 3 months.

So, you can keep her Hamburger Helper in the freezer for 3 month safely.

How come Reheat Hamburger Helper?

You have the right to reheat the Hamburger Helper in three ways, using microwave, stovetop, and also oven.


You have the right to reheat the Hamburger Helper ~ above the stovetop.

Place her leftover dish right into the right-sized pan that holds the appropriate amount of enjoy the meal you space reheating. So that it won’t overflow.Warm up the dish on the stove at low to medium heat.

Add a little amount of water to store moisture for the sauce. Cover through the lid top top the pan and let it warmth for 10-12 minutes.

Stir it frequently during reheating.If the is frozen, start it by extending with the lid ~ above medium warmth and permit the warmth to thaw the mixture.


Reheating Hamburger Helper in a microwave is the easiest method of reheating.

Transfer her Hamburger Helper into a microwave-safe dish.

Cover the microwave-safe dish loosely and keep it in the microwave for 3 minutes.

For avoidance of overcooking the dish stir every 30-45 seconds.While microwaving the dish, take care of sauce thickness. You may require to include a very small such as1 Tablespoon of water to her sauce to change the best thickness.


Reheating in the range is another an excellent option. Preheat your cooktop to 350 degrees Fahrenheit,

Take an oven-safe dish and spread the food right into it. You have the right to top through cheese if friend want additional flavor.

 Warm it because that 20-30 minutes or it spins it gets warmed.

Quick Tip: If it’s too dry once reheating, you can include broth rather of water to make it moist.

Frequently request Questions

Should I include Milk as soon as Reheating Hamburger Helper?

We recommend beginning reheating through adding little amounts the water to her Hamburger Helper.

Though, girlfriend can add milk to thicken your sauce when it it s okay warm.

How execute you settle runny Hamburger Helper?

If her Hamburger Helper gets much more runny consistency, you can fix that by adding more butter.

You have the right to also add cream or cake cream at the finish (eg. Because that the Potato Stroganoff).

Even despite it is not getting preferred consistency, you can use a bit of corn starch. For adding corn starch, you have to dissolve 1 tsp corn starch in 1 tsp water and also then add it right into the dish.

Can you cook Hamburger Helper without meat?

Yes, you deserve to make Hamburger Helper without meat.

Making Hamburger Helper without meat is really quick and easy.

Just include the exact same measure the liquid-like generally used.

You can add veggies in Hamburger Helper if cooking.

But take treatment of the consistency. Together it will change as every the vegetables.

Can you substitute ground turkey because that ground beef in Hamburger Helper?

Yes, you can use floor turkey for ground beef in the Hamburger Helper recipe.

The ground chicken also goes well in this dish.


Final Thoughts

As you have the right to see milk is not that daunting to replace in the Hamburger Helper recipe.

However, if girlfriend don’t have actually milk on hand, you have actually plenty the alternatives over to choose from and meet your cravings.

If friend don’t have actually milk at home, then you can include these aforementioned substitutes for milk in Hamburger Helper.

Some are an excellent alternatives because that those who room lactose intolerant.

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You have to take treatment of the consistency, flavor, and creaminess that this dish while including the milk substitution together milk dram a crucial role in the flavor and also texture of this recipe.